What they said: Andy Pazder

January 06, 2013

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JOHN BUSH: We welcome Andy Pazder at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, the TOUR's Chief of Operations. Tough week so far, if you can just give us an update on where we stand right now.

ANDY PAZDER: We have announced that today's play has been suspended. We are not going to attempt any resumption of play. We have also announced that like Friday, we will scrub today's score.

So we are back to square one and we'll be back out here at 7:10 am tomorrow, same starting times as what we had today, and we'll cross our fingers through the rest of this afternoon and this evening that we get a little bit of a break from Mother Nature.

Q. Scores from today, do they stand or are they wiped out?

We have cancelled the round, yeah.

Q. And 36 tomorrow, and is Tuesday in play?

ANDY PAZDER: We will play 36 holes tomorrow, hopefully. Obviously we need the weather to cooperate. It's going to be borderline tomorrow. Our meteorologist is saying 25‑ to 30‑mile‑an‑hour winds, which we can play in. It's the gusts that creep up above 40 that have knocked us out. We had registered gusts up to 48 miles an hour right before we suspended play today.

Somewhere in the low 40s is what putts us out of business, and, yes, Tuesday is in play.

Q. So we're shooting for a 54‑hole tournament?

ANDY PAZDER: We are still focused on playing 54 holes, finishing on Tuesday.

Q. Have you guys discussed with the Golf Channel, is there any issues with getting equipment to Oahu or the Sony broadcast on Thursday?

ANDY PAZDER: There is, yeah. The equipment that's here has to get barged over to Oahu, get set up and so forth. We have had conversations with Golf Channel, moving on into a Tuesday finish here, Golf Channel is indicating that they feel reasonably comfortable that they can produce or provide a show on Thursday from Sony.

Obviously we are sensitive to that. But right now our most important focus is on the Hyundai Tournament of Champions and that's what our decisions are being based upon, which is getting 54 holes in.

Q. If weather does not cooperate tomorrow, is it 36 on Tuesday or at what point do you call it all off?

ANDY PAZDER: Can we save that question for tomorrow? (Laughter).

Q. Were the issues today similar with the fact that golf balls were not resting on the greens, as the previous two days?

ANDY PAZDER: Yeah, we felt that at the point where we suspended play, conditions were worse at that moment than they were on Friday when we suspended play. We had balls blowing on 11 green first and then Wednesday issues on 12 green.

There was a moment of ‑‑ it was just an amount of time before we had issues on 10 green and once that started happening, we had no choice but to bring players in.

We've been watching and hoping to see some lull where the gusts can at least get down below 40 miles an hour and we just weren't seeing that and we anticipate that these 45 to almost 50‑mile‑an‑hour gusts were going to continue the rest of the day.