What they said: Slugger White

January 05, 2013

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SLUGGER WHITE:  We got balls rolling all over the green so we have cancelled play for the day.  We are going to try to play 36 holes tomorrow, probably 20 minutes earlier than we were‑‑ not probably, but 20 minutes earlier than we were going to start today.
That would be 7:10, two tees, try to play 36 tomorrow as I said and try to get 54 holes in by 3:00 Monday afternoon.  I think that answers most questions, I'm guessing.

Q.  Oh, no.  Were there any thoughts of 27 and 27?


Q.  Why?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Just because.

Q.  Just because?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Because I didn't think about it.  No.

Q.  Were the issues more the back nine than the front?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Yes.  10, 11, 13, and we couldn't keep balls on the green.

Q.  Was it a case of balls actually rolling uphill?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Yeah, we did, on the 10th hole.

Q.  Can you elaborate so we can try to make it as descriptive as possible?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Went out there this morning about 6:30.  I dropped a ball on the 10th green, on the back of the green just dropped it and rolled off 20 yards off the front of the green.  We did have balls that were going uphill on 10 a foot and a half.

Q.  Forecast for tomorrow any better than today?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Forecast for tomorrow is a little better tomorrow, 15‑ to 25‑mile‑an‑hour with gusts, maybe, to 30.  A little less moisture, more like pineapple showers than these downpours that we have had.  And that's pretty much it, yeah.

Q.  Some of the caddies are concerned that they might have a problem going 36 holes on this golf course.  Is there anything you can do to help them out?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Yeah, we are thinking about adding a couple more shuttles out there for them.  We haven't put that to rest yet but probably will do that.  So we'll do the best we can for them.

Q.  Was there a guideline that since we started late, the complete 72 holes, of going to Tuesday, and why would that not be followed this year?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Tuesday is not out of the realm as yet.  But let's get through tomorrow first.

Q.  It's not out of the realm of‑‑ it sounds like you're definitely down to 54 holes now?

SLUGGER WHITE:  54 holes is what we are trying to finish exactly.

Q.  So Tuesday is not out of the realm if you can't get 54 holes done on Monday?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Correct.  I'm sure that‑‑ let's get through tomorrow first and then we'll worry about Tuesday.  I mean, I hate to be‑‑ I don't want to be so vague about it, but let's get through and let's just see what that brings us.

Q.  Will there be another interview with you tomorrow?

SLUGGER WHITE:  If you're not here, I will be (laughing).

Q.  Is the prerogative or the imperativeness of finishing 72 holes less, just because of Sony next week and because of the equipment that's got to go transferred over, etc.?

SLUGGER WHITE:  I think that's part of it, yes.

Q.  Seems vague—

SLUGGER WHITE:  I am pretty vague, aren't I.  Well, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow.  If I knew that I could give you a little more definitive answer, but I really can't, I'm sorry.

Q.  You're not concerned about the integrity of the event, 54 holes in this event with 30 guys?

SLUGGER WHITE:  No, I think 54 holes, I think you can determine a champion with 54 holes with no problem whatsoever; 36, I don't think so.  Everybody can hang on for 18 holes.
But I think 54 holes determines a champion, yes, if we can't get 72 in obviously.

Q.  They do it in the LPGA all the time; any thoughts on that?

SLUGGER WHITE:  No.  They do it on the Champions Tour, too.

Q.  Starting time?

SLUGGER WHITE:  7:10 tomorrow morning.

Q.  Does the forecast for lessening as the day goes on tomorrow and Monday—

SLUGGER WHITE:  It is getting a little bit, I think when we get to the afternoon, we are going to see a little better forecast, for lack of a better word.  It's starting to peak and go the other side, we hope.

Q.  When will you know about the additional shuttle options?  When will you have that figured out?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Probably tomorrow morning.  Probably tomorrow morning.  We will revise the local rules sheet and it will be down here for you.  There's not many places that it helps to be quite honest.
I think we would help probably‑‑ give you an idea, we would probably help at 10 and probably help at maybe at 12.  Shoot, other than that, you know, everything is kind of a short walk and there's no place to putt any shuttles that would help tremendously I don't think.
13 to 14 is not that far and it's not that difficult.  14 to 15 is the same way.