What they said: Brandt Snedeker

January 05, 2013

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Q.  A little bit of hurry‑up and wait, a lot of waiting around, but sounds like they made the decision to push it to tomorrow.

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Yeah, they did do the right thing.  It's just a little too windy out there for us to play.  If the course wasn't so exposed, it wouldn't be a problem but you have a lot of greens exposed to 40‑mile‑an‑hour wind gusts.
It's tough to make that call.  They did the right thing.  We had to try to play today if we wanted to try to get 72 holes in.  Unfortunately a short day, but hopefully get out tomorrow and get some golf.

Q.  Monday is going to be a race to the finish; does that change how you think about it?

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  A little bit.  You definitely have to be a little more aggressive and think about it beforehand and also it's going to be the guy that kind of get hot tomorrow is going to be a big advantage, because you have 36 holes out here tomorrow where if you get on a roll, you can make a lot of birdies and hopefully get things going the right direction.  So tomorrow is going to be a really big day.

Q.  How much does the wind tomorrow, 15, 25, how much does that help you, hurt you, affect you?

BRANDT SNEDEKER:  Just going to affect the way you play the golf course a little bit.  The direction can change‑‑ I doubt it will, but it can.  And you try to get out there and just take advantage of the holes that are downwind, kind of get by the holes that are into the wind and really plot your course that way.