What they said: Slugger White

January 04, 2013

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CHRIS REIMER:  We welcome Slugger White with PGA TOUR Rules and Competition.  I know some decisions have been made with regards to today's round and tomorrow.  If you just want to open with sharing what you guys have decided?

SLUGGER WHITE:  We have decided to scrub this round, wash it out completely.  No shots count.   We are going to start the first round tomorrow morning.
We'll go two tees tomorrow starting at 7:30 and try to play 36 holes to catch up.  I can honestly say the forecast isn't real good but maybe we'll get lucky.  That's the hope.

CHRIS REIMER:  And you mentioned this has happened a couple other times.

SLUGGER WHITE:  Yeah, Chris, I can think of probably four times.  I have a memory in Atlanta, we played five, six holes; played Michigan at the Buick Open, we played several holes; Castle Pines; PLAYERS we played like four holes and cancelled the round.

There's a decision that we go to and it's a committee decision, and it's with extreme conditions, and that's exactly what we had.  It's almost verbatim what we had.

So it just got‑‑ again, it started off bad and got course, so it was pretty nasty out there.

Q.  With the forecast, obviously it's hard to determine exactly how bad it's going to get; but why did you start?
SLUGGER WHITE:  Why did we start?  Well, I mean, we thought‑‑ we aren't really looking for these gusts up to 40 miles an hour.  We had gusts up to 42 miles an hour.  I don't think you can just not try to play, if we're going to try to play.  Was it bad?  Yes, it was bad.

But you know, there were times out there where it kind of laid down.  We were on the fifth hole and that's one of the highest places we have on the golf course, and it was almost‑‑ it wasn't benign, but it was actually not too bad.  And that's when we started getting balls rolling on the second hole.  We had a ball that was rolling probably like 25 feet.

The first one we had with Mark Wilson that I had on 2 green rolled about a foot and a half, and that's the first ones that were, you know, quite honest with you, that were starting to roll.

Q.  Just to follow up with that, did you have a conversation with the players?


Q.  About possible rounds‑‑ playing holes in a golf tournament‑‑

SLUGGER WHITE:  It's not something‑‑ we don't go to individual players, Alex.  We are going to where, what makes sense in this situation.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

SLUGGER WHITE:  I think he understood.  I went out there in the family dining, and I didn't know‑‑ I didn't see him there.

But you know, you look on the other side ‑‑ and I just heard this; and he said Scott Stallings was 7‑over, so he's pretty happy.  So there's no good and bad to it.  It's all‑‑ not good.

Q.  What time are we going to start tomorrow?

SLUGGER WHITE:  7:30, two tees in pairs, OK.

Q.  Were you there on 2 green with Carl Pettersson putting?

SLUGGER WHITE:  I was up to the right of No.9 watching, kind of watching that, yeah.

Q.  Seems to me that was almost the clincher right there.

SLUGGER WHITE:  Evidently he ended up there about a foot and it rolled off the green, I'm not sure.

The only one I saw, I had the ruling on 2 with Mark Wilson and his ball rolled maybe a foot and a half.  At that point in time‑‑ to answer your question, Alex, yeah, there's gusts of winds that could have knocked him out, 20, 25 miles an hour.  But when these squalls came down, you could hardly see when it was raining, that brought the heavy gusts in.

Q.  I know there was discussion yesterday about putting the hole locations‑‑ not putting the greens as severely as they have in the past.  Can you do some other things tomorrow to make sure that you can somehow get through 36 tomorrow?

SLUGGER WHITE:  Yes, I would think so.  We are not going to be able to mow anything as far as the fairways go, so we'll be lifting the ball again.

To be quite honest with you, the greens slowed down.  Our target speed was ten feet to start the week and they were rolling just a touch under nine feet this morning, which was pretty good.  But some of these greens are severely downhill.  They slope back to front, left‑to‑right and right‑to‑left.

So we try our best to get them in the flattest areas in situations like this, and sometimes it doesn't work.  Like I can think of four greens out there that it's very difficult‑‑ the 10th hole, 13th hole; I mean, it's difficult.  So difficult to find places.

CHRIS REIMER:  Slugger, thanks for your time.