What they said: Brian Gay

November 10, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about the round, first starting with the five straight birdies in the back nine. That was a nice run for you.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, it was. That was fun there. Made an unbelievable four on 10, one of the best birdies I've ever made. Then made a couple short to medium putts and then had a tap?in.

Just got on a little roll there.

Q. That's where you have to make your run on this course, is starting with 10.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, no question. I mean, 9 was a tough hole today 500 yards into the wind. You can make up a little ground there at 10, kind of 10 through 13 or 14, and then just hang on coming in.

Q. I thought you made a good putt at 15 and almost made that birdies; then 16, 17, and 18, they did play hard, especially 16 and 17.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, 16, unfortunately I hit a good drive there and had some mud on the ball and the ball just kind of fell out of the sky on that bunker short.

I almost hit one club less, as a matter of fact, but, you know, 17 is just an extremely tough hole. Another back pin there. Yeah, it was a good day.

Q. What about tomorrow now? You're right there.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I don't know really exactly what's going on right now but, I'm in a good position.

Hope I can get a low one tomorrow. Get off to a good start and see what happens.

Q. Everybody has to play 16 and 17.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, you never know on those. It's just a tough driving hole, especially the wind off the eft there on 17. Just a long tough par?4.

Q. 67 on Saturday. What did you like about your game today??

BRIAN GAY: Made a few more birdies today, which was good. Got hot when I made the turn and made five in a row, which was nice. Got me going.

Q. Talking about off?season goals, this being the last week of the year. You're tied for sixth in strokes gained putting. I assume you like your putting and short game right now. What would you work on in the off?season?

BRIAN GAY: Just continue to work on everything. My short game is my strength. Just continue to work on stuff. Been doing a few things with my swing this year, which has been a tough year trying to learn some new stuff and still try to play.

But, you know, my short game is still there and the ball?striking will come around.

Q. Without getting technical, what kind of changes were trying to make this year??

BRIAN GAY: Just some stuff really to try to take some pain off lower back and neck pain. A few adjustments with the way I'm going through the ball to take some pressure off my back.