What they said: Ryuji Imada

November 09, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Ryuji, Magnolia is supposed to be the more difficult of the two golf courses and you knocked it down today. You played awfully well. How come??

RYUJI IMADA: I got off to a real good start by chipping in on the first hole and the third hole. So that got me off to a good start, and I also made a really long putt on the ninth hole.

And the rest of the day I played solid, hit a lot of fairways and greens and made some putts.

Q. I thought your iron play was really good at 15. That was close. I was up by the green. That could have been an ace, about two inches to the left.

RYUJI IMADA: Yeah, that was a really good shot. I hit a 5?iron. The wind was a little bit out of the right and into us. Just tried to hit a little 5?iron and ended up in a great spot.

Q. I've followed you for many years now. In fact, at the BellSouth Classic I was there when you won on the PGA TOUR. I know you can play out here. How would you describe this season, because I know it's been tough.

RYUJI IMADA: Yeah, I've had an awful year. I really struggled from the beginning and all the way to the end.

It's really tough, but you know, you just gotta keep moving and keep doing the right thing and try to get ready for the next event and that's what I've done.

Q. And you're right there, too, because we tracked this throughout the day. You've gone from 183 to 127 in one swoop today, even though there's two rounds to go. So you know how volatile it is, but a good weekend could IMPROVE a lot of things??

RYUJI IMADA: Sure. One good weekend can mean a lot. It can turn your whole year around and I'm in position to do that, but still got a long ways to go.

Like I said, I've had an awful year this year, so no expectations. Just going to try and go out there and play hard.

Q. Keep it going because that was the Ryuji that I'm used to seeing today.

RYUJI IMADA: All right. Thank you.