What they said: Gaganjeet Bhullar

October 27, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: CIMB Classic transcripts archive Q. Good round today??

GAGANJEET BHULLAR: Yeah, it was a good round. Yesterday I made a few errors. I told myself before the round started that I've got to do the same thing I did on the first round. Basically the strategy was pretty simple. It was 14 fairways and 18 greens in regulation, and I stuck to that. I just told myself just keep on hitting fairways and just be calm and patient on the greens. Putts will definitely fall. That was the game plan, and I just stuck to that.

Hit the ball good, hit the ball pretty close today, and I guess today the lucky charm was my putter. I putted really well today.

Q. Nice to see your name on the leaderboard that's very crowded with PGA TOUR players??

GAGANJEET BHULLAR: Yeah, it always inspires me when you play on such a big tournament and especially when you're playing well to see your name on the leaderboard. Yeah, it's a good feeling. It kind of gives you goose bumps. Yeah, I guess everybody works hard for that feeling. It's a tough field, and everybody's looking to win this tournament. This is just the beginning of the third round, and I'm sure the way guys are going low today, they might go around mid-teens or maybe high-teens.

Q. Do you give yourself a chance for tomorrow??

GAGANJEET BHULLAR: Well, my feeling is very simple. I always say golf is a funny game. Anything is possible, anything. Especially with today's golfing technology and everything, guys are shooting 59, 60, 61 every fourth or fifth month of the year. You never know. I mean, it could be anybody's week.

All of the guys who were in the top, they have won so many tournaments internationally, so they know how it feels being inside the ropes.

Q. Doing so well this week after a really good season for you, how does that feel??

GAGANJEET BHULLAR: That feels good.

Q. How does it cap off your season? There is still a long way to finish?

GAGANJEET BHULLAR: Yeah, there is. A lot of big weeks coming up. Next week Singapore, Hong Kong. I really don't know how does it feel, because I'm playing 12 weeks in a row, and I don't get the time to think. What I'm feeling right now is definitely very happy. Quite pleased with my off-season's hard work and all the effort and training I've put in my off-season, I think that is kind of paying me back.

Q. You have a new driver in the bag for a few weeks now. How's that??

GAGANJEET BHULLAR: I'm enjoying it. Last season I was struggling a bit with my driving. After a long time I started driving the ball good. I don't know whether I added some distance, maybe I have. But, yeah, I'm hitting the driver really good. Yesterday wasn't a lot, but today I worked on a few technical errors and hit the ball well.

Q. You've played so many weeks in a row. How do you keep focus on the golf course??

GAGANJEET BHULLAR: A lot of things, first thing is diet. You have to make note of what you eat because you really can't eat junk food in this kind of weather. I've been quite particular with my diet this season. I think that is one thing which is kind of pushing me toward my target.

Apart from that, I think it's just your mental strength. If you guys are -- I've seen so many guys. I always get inspired by (Indiscernible). He plays 40 weeks a year, and he's my mentor in terms of playing more tournaments.