What they said: Troy Matteson

October 26, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Let's start with the four birdies to finish. Would you mind walking me through those four holes??

TROY MATTESON: Well, yeah, the short par?4, it was playing pretty drivable today. Obviously it's hard to hug it against the water there, and I kind of missed it and I left it short of the green. I really didn't have a very good pitch and I pitched it past the hole about 20 feet, which a lot of guys are doing today because it's just tough to hold it on there. Made a good putt, but I got to see Rickie's putt first, so that helped me get a better read on it.

The next hole, par?3, both of us put it in there close and kind of got a read off the speed of his putt and ended up draining a nice putt from 12, 13 feet.

17, I kind of butchered 17. I hit a pretty good drive and I hit a long iron and I just hit it fat and it was down in the bottom fairway, and I got it up?and?down. So it's not the ideal way to play it, but hit a good wedge shot in and made birdie there.

18, that pin is really tricky on 18. I thought I hit a pretty good shot in there, and it just barely landed over the bunker and trickled back in the bunker, left me on the upslope. I knew I'd be doing good if I could leave myself seven or eight feet for par, and it bounced and slam?dunked in the hole. That's the first time all year the ball has managed to hit the pin and stay in the hole.

Q. Talk about the day in general, the course in general and getting off to a good start.

TROY MATTESON: The course is great. The grass is a lot like what I play back home. Obviously it's a little softer, but this is my first time over, so it's good to we got this condition to play on. I love the course. A lot of guys I hear great things from everybody about the course just because it's -- you've got to play your way around here. You can't just hit driver on every hole, you've got to make some decisions, you've got to hit some irons, you've got to hit some 3?woods. I think guys really enjoy that, whereas most of the courses we play all year are just hit the driver as far and as hard as you can.

So I think guys really like it, and I know I certainly do.

Q. Bill mentioned I think last year he hit every club in his bag. Is that right? You don't find yourself with a driver, wedge, it's all different clubs all day long?

TROY MATTESON: Yeah, definitely so. I would say I probably hit every club but a 5?iron, but I hit most of them today. That's just the way the course is. It provides a lot of opportunities to make birdies, but you've got to be smart about how you do it.

Q. This time of the year are you looking to finish the year strong or catapult yourself to a good start next year? How do you look at this event?

TROY MATTESON: My play has been picking up in the last part of the year. I've had a good summer and I usually have not played good in the summer over the years. I'm looking to just finish strong to the year, and I'm maybe going to pick up a couple events in December, so this will be the first year where I've kind of played all the way through.

But yeah, good finish to the year is good, and I'm going to try for once to not take as much time off in the off?season because usually when it gets past Disney, most of us take a month off or so. But I'm going to keep playing.

Q. What made you change that strategy? Is it the way you've started the past few years?

TROY MATTESON: Yeah, I just never really -- in the past I have not got off to a good start. That's probably the biggest thing is when you play out here to get off to a good start, especially with the new -- with the way the TOUR is going to be next year, this is the start of the season, so it is going to become more year?round. For me it probably won't change the number of tournaments that I play because I already play -- this is probably 31 or 32 for me this year. I'll probably keep doing the same thing, but I'll probably pick up a few more in November and December just to stay sharp.