What they said: Robert Garrigus

October 26, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Just a solid round out there, 7?under, good first day.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, I started out on fire, didn't really miss a putt. I was lipping out 40?footers and making 30?footers and kind of got a little squirrelly there on the back side, hit a couple wayward tee shots. Pitched out, made a good bogey on 10. Made a great par on 12 after pitching out to the fairway and getting up?and?down.

All in all, it was a good day. I putted well, and hopefully it continues.

Q. Are you a fan of how the course plays??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, it's fine. It's funny, the greens don't look very good, but they roll tremendous. I thought a couple of uphill putts I hit today were going to dribble in, and they were hammering the back of the hole.

Might want to watch out for that the next few days if it doesn't rain. If it gets a little drier it's going to be kind of fun on these greens.

Q. Are you kind of looking at this as an end to your season or a start to next year??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, it's really the end of the season for the next three events. I've had a great year, best of my career. It's kind of where I've felt I've needed to be the past few years, I just hadn't put the work in, so this year I put the work in and I'm getting the results. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks just to end the season on a good note, have fun, and get to spend some time with the family in the off?season. That will be nice.

Q. Any key shots out there today that kept the round going??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, it was that par putt -- the bogey putt on 10, and then I eagled the next hole on 11. Gosh, that was probably one of the prettiest 4?irons I've ever hit in my life. It was 258 to the hole and I just smoked a 4?iron, hit it to three feet, made eagle, then made a great par save on the next hole. I think those three holes really kept the round going, then birdied a couple coming in. I made a couple bogeys, but I wasn't too worried about that, just a couple of mud balls. That was a good stretch, 10, 11 and 12 really kept the day going.

Q. Is this your first trip to Malaysia??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, it is. I'm enjoying it. It's a lot of fun. I got to play with a guy in the pro?am who took me out last night and we had some fun. He owns the town, so to speak, so it was kind of nice. It's neat to come over here. The people are very receptive, very nice people, and we're looking forward to coming back. This is a pretty cool place.