What they said: Jbe Kruger

October 26, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You never met Tiger Woods until today. You went out there and basically showed him how to play golf.

JBE' KRUGER: I tried to. I think I can't really put it that way, but I tried to.

Q. You must have enjoyed it a lot then??

JBE' KRUGER: A lot. He's a good guy, a friendly guy. It's fun to play with him.

Q. Also, every aspect of your game was on. You were really accurate off the tee, short game, chipping, everything.

JBE' KRUGER: It's getting better. I think playing with him definitely made me concentrate a bit harder. That is one thing I've been lacking the last couple of months. So I think I want to play with him every day.

Q. You've got two rounds to go and you're in a great situation. What do you think about the weekend ahead??

JBE' KRUGER: I think I'll probably just try to do the same. I'll be playing well. I can't really play much better than I am at the moment. The key is to hit the fairways, hit the greens, and then take it from there.

Q. You've won on just about every tour you've played on. PGA TOUR looks good, winning on the PGA TOUR??

JBE' KRUGER: That would be awesome. But I think, as I say, the Lord is in control of everything, so we'll see.

Q. That must have been fun??

JBE' KRUGER: It was very. I enjoyed every moment, every second.

Q. What was the key to the good round today??

JBE' KRUGER: I think my concentration, probably. It's been lacking a little bit, and I kept it together nicely. I think Tiger definitely made me concentrate a lot.

Q. Did you find it easy to overcome the extra pressure having a pairing with Tiger??

JBE' KRUGER: Not really. I think to be quite honest, it's a big thing. It's the stuff you dream about. But I've been struggling with my concentration. So to play with him just to concentrate, it actually helped me.

Q. (Indiscernible)?(Indiscernible)?

JBE' KRUGER: It's not part of the plan. But it's easy to putt from there and to chip. It's straight into the grain.

Q. So the double yesterday didn't play into today??

JBE' KRUGER: Not really. I just thought about keeping it right.

Q. Yesterday you were playing very well. Compared to yesterday, what is the secret??

JBE' KRUGER: I think I probably played the same golf. I played well yesterday too. I've been hitting it well.

Q. You played better today.

JBE' KRUGER: Yeah, I hit it nicely. I'm hitting the fairways and I'm hitting the greens. If the putt goes in, you never know.

Q. Did you get the 8?iron fixed this morning?

JBE' KRUGER: Yeah. I got it fixed, and I actually used it once. Yeah. Yesterday I probably would have used it probably six times after I bent it. So, you know, Murphy's Law.

Q. That is a big number for one round.

JBE' KRUGER: It's one round. But it's pretty cool.

Q. Did it go better than your dreams anticipated??

JBE' KRUGER: I think definitely. Just to shoot anything, level par, anything was a dream. It was pretty cool.

Q. You looked pumped up out there.

JBE' KRUGER: I'm always pumped up.

Q. Do you have any extra motivation playing with Tiger??

JBE' KRUGER: Not really. I think it was just the concentration aspect of it.

Q. What do you take away from this having played so well against Tiger? What do you take away from it?

JBE' KRUGER: I think self?belief, maybe. You've proven yourself probably against the best golfer that's alive at the moment. And to have played with him is pretty cool.

Q. It seems you know how to tackle the weather here??

JBE' KRUGER: I think it's my fourth season here. I'm from a small town called Bloemfontein. It gets up to 50° Celsius, so I'm actually used to this.