What they said: D.J. Trahan

October 20, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. D.J., not much going on in your round, a little of this, a little of that until you have a big snake at 13th. Tell me about that one and then take me through the birdie run.

D.J. TRAHAN: Well, obviously 13 was playing difficult today. I just was hoping to get it on the green. It wasn't a pin you could attack and I hit it about 25 feet right of the hole there, and just in your mind you know four is a good score and it's one of those little problems you have sometimes, and that was great because obviously was making a bunch of pars, no birdies and just kind of plodding along and that got me going a little bit, and I birdied three out of the last four, so I had a great finish.

Q. Did you feel it coming after the putt at 13 or not??

D.J. TRAHAN: I don't think you ever feel it coming. You're just playing one shot at a time. You just take what the course is going to let you have, and I was playing solid. I was just trying to stay patient and hopefully get some putts to fall, and that one fell and I just made a couple of nice birdies coming in.

Q. Course didn't give too many people too much today.

D.J. TRAHAN: You know, it didn't. I saw a few low scores, but for the most part 2 or 3 under par was really a good score out there today and I managed 4. So I'm pleased with it.

Again, I made a couple of fairly sloppy bogeys on the Front nine, but other than that it was a real solid round for me. I'd like to play like that again tomorrow.

Q. Feel good heading into Sunday??

D.J. TRAHAN: Sure. Yeah. I've played well all week, and certainly all you can ask for is to continue that. So I hope to be able to do that going into tomorrow.

Q. D.J., 151st on the Money List, so obviously you have to be in an uncomfortable position, but you made it a little bit more comfortable with a great run. What went well today??

D.J. TRAHAN: You know, I played solid golf. I did what I did the first two days. I hit a lot of fairways and I'm hitting a lot of greens, and out here with the run offs around the greens you really don't want to put too much stuff in your short game and I've been able to do that for three days and I'm hoping to be able to do that tomorrow.

Q. Tell me about what it'll take for you to actually break through and win again for the first time in a while.

D.J. TRAHAN: Obviously I'm going to be a few shots back tomorrow, so I'm going to have to put a low round up to have a chance, but I think really just playing the way I did the first three days and maybe capitalizing a little bit more on some opportunities. I left some shots out there, making some short birdie opportunities, but these greens are awfully hard to putt. They're really quick and they've got some undulations. So maybe tomorrow just capitalizing on a few more opportunities and just play the way I have the first three days.