What they said: D.J. Trahan

October 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: McGladrey Classic transcript archive Q. D.J., a first nine for you today that almost required some Dramamine at the end. A whole bunch of birdies, a couple of bogeys. You made one par on that first nine.

D.J. TRAHAN: Yeah. You know, I actually played it really well. Even when I made the bogeys, I just kind of came up, and I was close around the greens, but just hit a couple of very average chips, and then one time I just drew a really bad lie just off the fringe, so obviously disappointed to make bogey there, but these greens are tough. They've got pins kind of sitting on the edges of slopes, and you really -- it's just really tough to get it close, especially if you get on the wrong side.

Q. That seems to be the story today versus yesterday, the hole locations on the slopes. I've had a couple of players tell me that.

D.J. TRAHAN: Yeah, I think so. Obviously they were in some tough spots, and these greens as you get around the edges, they like to have them run off a little bit. And then that certainly makes it tough. I guess you could kind of compare it to like a Pinehurst No. 2 because they have everything so slick around the greens and the fringes.

So if the ball gets away from you towards the edge, it'll roll off the green and get you shortsided, so it certainly is difficult out there and you really have to try and work your ball to the right side of the hole.

Q. Birdies at 8 and 9 going to make lunch taste good.

D.J. TRAHAN: Absolutely. I actually played the Front nine quite well and had a bad bogey on the par-three third, and missed a couple of short birdie putts, so I was kind of just -- had a little bit of a lull there. And to make a couple of nice putts there on 8 and 9 was great because I definitely -- I had some chances early in the nine and didn't do anything with it.

Q. You made a couple of terrific putts at the end of the year last year to get in. You don't want to have to do that again, do you??

D.J. TRAHAN: No, and unfortunately I'm in that position right now. I've had just a really, really terrible year, and I've been working really hard this last month, not to say -- I think we always work hard, but I think I kind of got back to basics a little bit and my dad and I have been working really hard on things. And hopefully these last couple days will continue into the weekend because I really feel good about the way my game's been going. It's just sometimes you gotta get over the hump and really get some good things going for you to change things around a bit.

Q. And nobody's going to run off and hide today, so you're going to be right there.

D.J. TRAHAN: Well, it seems the wind's calmed down, but obviously the golf course is still going to play difficult with the pin placements. We'll see how they score in the afternoon, but if the wind dies down -- we had some wind this morning. If the wind dies down, it may be a little easier to score, but it's still not going to be easy.

Q. Good luck this weekend. Have some fun.

D.J. TRAHAN: Thank you.