What they said: Michael Thompson

October 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Michael, good round out there today. We'll talk about 17 later, but you played really well. How difficult were the conditions out there today??

MICHAEL THOMPSON: It was a little breezy today. I think this is probably the most difficult wind out here. I can't remember what direction it's from, but a lot of the holes on say 10 to 14 are playing dead into the wind and you really don't want dead into the wind on those holes.

So you know, it just played tough. You had to hit a lot of good shots, had to hit it solid. Thankful that I was playing with Boo Weekley. He's a ball striker, so I kind of got a good feel from him.

You know, I'm really proud of how I did. It played tough this morning.

Q. Played two good back-to-back rounds. What's been the key so far this week??

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Just keeping it simple. My motto for the last two events that I've played, Vegas and this one, is just go out and have fun and play smart golf. And that's who I am, that's how I define myself as a golfer, and I feel like I've been doing that really well in the six rounds that I've played this fall.

Q. Let's talk about 17, the four-putt there, missed two short putts. Anything in particular happen there??

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Yeah. Just a little bit of nerves. You know, I haven't -- it's been since the U. S. Open since I've been in contention. But at the same time on these Bermuda greens rules officials tend to cut the holes right where the grain changes, and that always makes it difficult, difficult to read putts. And as the day goes on, the greens get grainier and grainier, and I actually hit -- the first putt wasn't very good. The next two were great and barely hit the hole. So I don't know, it was just unfortunate, but at the same time I'm right where I need to be, get to play two more days of golf, and going to have a lot of fun.

Q. You've had two really good solid years back to back. What's your mindset right now as you continue to play out here on the PGA TOUR??

MICHAEL THOMPSON: I'm just thankful, thankful that I have the opportunity to go out and play next year; a big goal for both those years to keep my card. As a young guy out on TOUR, that's pretty tough to do, especially with the competition these days. So I'm just excited.

You know, I have -- I know I have a job for next year, which is always a great thing in the golf business, from the playing side.

But you know, I feel like my game's getting better. I'm getting -- I'm honing my skills, fine tuning everything, learning how to approach each day, because Monday through Sunday each day is different. And learning the ropes, talking to veterans like Zach Johnson and Jonathan Byrd and those guys and trying to get a feel for how to play pro-ams and schedule my time so that I can be competitive. So it's just a learning process, and I feel like I'm right where I need to be, and you know, we'll just go out and see what happens.

Q. Well, well done so far this week. Thanks for your time and good luck this weekend.

MICHAEL THOMPSON: No problem. Thank you.