What they said: Arjun Atwal

October 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: McGladrey Classic transcript archive Q. With Arjun Atwal. Arjun, obviously you're fighting for your card as well. How welcome is the large number of birdies that you made on this day to help your chances out there??

ARJUN ATWAL: Oh, it feels great. I don't even know how many I made. I figured I'd count them up at the end of the round.

Yeah, I'm in a desperate situation. I got no choice to either win or finish in the top two I think my caddie figured out. So I just gotta grind out.

Q. You missed 10 of your first 11 cuts. What's the key going to be to getting back to the winner's circle given the struggles you had this year??

ARJUN ATWAL: You know what, I did, but then I made a lot of cuts, too, in the middle of the year. Just didn't have any decent finishes in any of the tournaments. So I just gotta get a decent weekend in and see what happens.

Q. All right. Good luck to you this weekend. Thanks for joining us.

DOUG MILNE: Just real quick in lieu of going in, just some comments about the round in general.

ARJUN ATWAL: Yeah, it was solid today. Started with three in a row, and then yeah, just kept going. I felt really calm out there, and putter is starting to work. That was the missing link in the last few tournaments that I played. Not last week, but before the FedExCup.

Q. Conditions obviously very benign. We've heard a couple of players comment on some of the hole locations getting a little bit tricky kind of right where the grass changes. Was that a pretty significant factor today??

ARJUN ATWAL: Well, you know, I think they did a good job setting it up because they knew it was going to be windy. You can do that because the greens are soft. If the greens are firm and they did that, then it would be tough. But I think it was pretty fair.

Q. Talking about your putter switching around, what was it??

ARJUN ATWAL: I just made a technical little adjustment. My hands were getting really low, and I came out here, you know, on Tuesday and I didn't feel right. Didn't feel right, so I kept lifting them up, lifting them up, and now I feel like I'm feeling good over it again. That's usually been the strength of my game is my putting.

Q. Does this remind you of 2010 going into Wyndham, this situation where you kind of looked at the results, very similar. You started slow, made some cuts??

ARJUN ATWAL: Yeah, this year it is. It's a little different because I got really technical in the beginning of the year. That year I wasn't technical at all. I was just playing my game and trying to figure stuff out. But this year for like the first ten events I couldn't think anything but technique and then started to get away from that a little bit and then lost.

This week I didn't even hit a ball. I just get up in the morning and just go. So I don't have to think about technique.

Q. You said you hadn't hit a ball??

ARJUN ATWAL: As in like afterwards, like Tuesday practice. I usually come out and practice after my practice round or hit balls on Wednesday or after my round. I haven't done that in the tournament this week.

Q. Has your back been bad this year, too??

ARJUN ATWAL: My back was bothering me on the West Coast. My knee's really bothering me right now.

Q. Is that good??


Q. At what point did you get away from technical??

ARJUN ATWAL: I don't know. I can't really you know, after I started I told my wife, I'm like, I've never played golf like that, so she's like, you gotta get away from it. And yeah, it's weird, like Memphis and a couple of other events that I played I wasn't really thinking about the swing.

I switched coaches last year, at the end of last year and I went with Mark Blackburn, and even though he doesn't want me to be technical, there was a few things that I had to change, and it's taken me a lot of time to do it.

Q. When did you start working with him??

ARJUN ATWAL: Right after Disney last year.

Q. How long were you with Bill??

ARJUN ATWAL: About two years.

Q. What was different this week??

ARJUN ATWAL: Just started to feel comfortable with the putter. You know, just made a couple of changes, put my hands up a little bit, so I got more over the ball and hopefully it's been better.

Q. What's wrong with your knees??

.b>ARJUN ATWAL: It's my left knee. Just chronic, years of practicing and playing, I guess. Just kind of worn out. So I'll have it shown after Disney.

Q. An MRI??