What they said: Boo Weekley

October 18, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You gave us that hole just for a few minutes today and that just got you in the right frame of mind. Good playing out there today.

BOO WEEKLEY: I appreciate it. Yeah, it's been a long time coming. I finally started making some putts, and I've been hitting the ball good, pretty good the last two weeks, and finally today the putts showed up, so hoping I carry it on this week.

Q. Is there anything for you playing really close to the Atlantic ocean? Obviously you've won twice up in Hilton Head. Not too far from there. It's pretty similar, not necessarily the golf course, but conditions.

BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah. The conditions you know, I grew up on Bermudagrass, it's pretty easy to read sometimes. Sometimes you just kind of -- right now this grass out here is pretty fast.

Q. Were you surprised it was playing that easily this afternoon??

BOO WEEKLEY: I didn't think it was playing that easy. I was hitting some good shots, and I made some putts, and according to the wind -- the wind died down a little bit compared to what it was in the middle of the round, and that made a little -- the last couple of holes coming in.

Q. Well played. Go out and get them again tomorrow.

BOO WEEKLEY: I appreciate it.

Q. How are you feeling health wise? Are you feeling okay?

BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, sir. I feel pretty good. I mean overall, yeah. I mean had a good time last night at the concert and knocked a few back and got up this morning and got ready to play some golf.

Q. Country music fan of course, are you??

BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, yes, sir. Very much so.

Q. Is he one of your favorites??

BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, sir. Me and him, we become friends about three years ago, and we've played a lot of golf together with the band and stuff. And as soon as I get through this week, they're playing in Mobile next week and we're just going to drive an hour and 30minutes over there to see him again.

Q. Is he a good player??

BOO WEEKLEY: He's pretty decent. He's probably about 80, 85 handicap shooting.

Q. Better player than you are a singer??

BOO WEEKLEY: Yes. A lot better. Especially on the guitar.

Q. Do you sing, Boo??

BOO WEEKLEY: No. In the hot tub maybe. (Laughs). In a bucket when I'm drowning or something. No, I can't sing.

Q. You said you putted better today.

BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, sir.

Q. Is this something you've been working on??

BOO WEEKLEY: We've been tinkering around with different putters, and I went back to a putter that I played with when I played good at Hilton Head and played good in Puerto Rico and played in Houston. Kind of got away from that putter. It was the fat grip, and I got it back and my coach told me I need to try this again and give it another shot. And come Monday playing here in the Pro Am it was an unreal difference how everything felt. And it just felt good and started making some putts and I started building some confidence.

Q. So you're working now with the fat grip??

BOO WEEKLEY: I'm playing now with the fat grip.

Q. Why did you get rid of it??

BOO WEEKLEY: Just got to where I felt like my distance control on some of the greens were a little off with it, you know, and like I kept leaving putts shorter. Then when I got aggressive with it, I'd knock it by four or 5feet.

And this grass here, kind of something I grew up on, so I figured I'd try it, get it back. Like I said, I putted good on Bermuda with it.