What they said: John Mallinger

October 13, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome John Mallinger back. You got it to 15-under today. Little more difficult out there today.

If you want to talk about your round, then we'll take a few questions.

JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, I just didn't have it all. I didn't drive it as well as I did yesterday. I think I hit every fairway yesterday, and then today I just got off to a weird start.

But I hung around there and made some birdies on the back nine that got me back into position. Still got lead, still got a good spot, and look forward to tomorrow.


Q. (No microphone.)

JOHN MALLINGER: I don't blame anybody for bogeys. They're always my fault, so...

Q. The field got a little tighter behind you. When you look at the pack, a lot of good golfers. One of them is a guy who is like No. 3 on the all-time PGA earnings list. Does that add a little drama into the mix for the guy on the top right now??

JOHN MALLINGER: Maybe for TV, but not really for me. I can't do much about what he's going to do. I'm going to still stay aggressive and try to make as many birdies as possible. It's going to be a birdie day. I mean, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow.

If I can go out and shoot 3- or 4-under, see if those guys can catch me.

Q. Just talk a little bit more about the back nine and those two birdies that helped you get back to under par today. You talked a little bit about the back and forth, but just kind of talk about the back nine, how that might help you tomorrow.

JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, I can't even remember my bogeys. The par-5 I hit it down the middle. I hit a great 5-wood to about 20 feet. Then I actually got myself in a situation where I couldn't putt it. I pitched it to about a couple feet and tapped that one in.

And then my other one was -- was there another one? Oh, on 13 I hit it down the middle or just in the first cut. Hit a 9-iron to about three feet again. Most of my birdies were tap-ins. I hit a lot of good putts; nothing just really fell today.

Hopefully that can change tomorrow. I'll still be in the same position.

Q. Does playing a little bit better on the back nine after that up and down first nine help you??

JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, for sure. I had some good shots coming in, which I think is important. You know, just to stay in the position where I am and have a chance for tomorrow, it was kind of the goal going into this week.

I have a chance to win the golf tournament, which is always a good thing.

Q. You mentioned a lot of birdies tomorrow you anticipate. Where do you feel you can go forward on this golf course and where you can't??

JOHN MALLINGER: Well, the front nine is a little more difficult, I think, so if you can get around there at 2-, 3-under, then there are some birdie opportunities on the back depending on where they put the tees on the par-5s.

Obviously 17 is a drivable par-4 and you got the shorter par-5, 15. So coming in I think you're going to see some birdies. I think it's going to be great weather. It's should be a great finish. Hopefully I end up in the same spot I am now.