What they said: Charles Howell III

October 13, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Frys.com Open transcripts archive Q. 5-under par, 66 today. Really solid round of golf. Couple bogeys. One was a 3-putt, but solid all day long really.

CHARLES HOWELL III: Thank you. I got off to a good start today and took advantage of it early with it being a bit soft and calm. I made a couple loose bogeys, but I finished well. I hung in there.

It'll be a shootout tomorrow. The greens are so soft and there will be a lot of birdies, but at least I have a chance.

Q. Is the fact that Mallinger hasn't kind of run away and shot 4- or 5-under himself today giving everybody an opportunity??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, I saw the leaderboard there at the end. Looks like there is a whole bunch guys up there, so it'll take something low tomorrow from whoever does it.

The golf course is set up for it with a drivable par-4 at 17. It's a neat finish.

Q. I got to ask you about the sweater. It's almost 80 degrees out here. Is it something when I start you don't want to stop or did you spill something??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Well, I didn't spill anything. I know once I start with it and the swing feels a certain way it's hard to take it off mid-round.

Yeah, maybe another 3-putt or two I would have taken it off.

Q. Talk about looking at the leaderboard and seeing the names clustered up there. One is a guy that's made a lot of money in the golf over the years. When you see a name like Vijay up there, does that get inside your head at all??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Well, you just know that he's going to play good tomorrow because he's been in the position and ton and he's won a ton. You would say he's the favorite amongst the guys at 11-, 12-under. Now, whatever John does, if John finishes at 15- or 16-under, then obviously then he's the favorite there.

But when you see a guy like Vijay you know that he's going to go play good tomorrow and it's going to take a good round to beat him.

Q. Get your game up for that a little bit more maybe??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Oh, yeah. For some reason I've been playing with Vijay quite bit the last couple years. I really enjoy playing with him. He just shows that you can play great for a long period of time. His longevity and his consistency is pretty remarkable.

Q. Now that you've seen the course for three days you obviously must like it. You're playing well.

CHARLES HOWELL III: I do like it. I played it for the first time on Monday morning. I played nine holes early Monday morning and I loved it.

I like it because it has everything on it. It's got some really long, tricky holes on it and then it's got some shorter holes that you can take advantage of.

They moved some of tees up on the par-5s to make them reachable, which I think is great.

Q. Do you like that??

CHARLES HOWELL III: Yeah, I do, because it's a nice mix of everything. Just because an architect builds a tee way back doesn't mean you have to use it.

So the staff is showing a bit of flexibility, because you don't want par-4s out here and you have a couple long par-3s, so let's have some reachable fun stuff coming in. Why not?