What they said: John Mallinger

October 12, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome John Mallinger. You got it to 14?under today. Quite the finish on the back side, 30 on that back nine. Can you have talk about what got you going and we'll take some questions.

JOHN MALLINGER: I think was the eagle probably on 15. I hit a great 5-wood in there about 10 feet above the hole and made a great putt.

Then I hit it close on 17, tap-in on 18, and made a great 15-footer at the end.

THE MODERATOR: Bogey?free so far this week.

JOHN MALLINGER: Let's not talk about it.

THE MODERATOR: (Laughing.) Let's talk about your putting. We talked outside about how this course sets up good for you.

JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, it's the same grass I practice on at home. I'm just real comfortable with the speed. I just have some good thoughts over the putter right now, and that's not every week. Hopefully I can take advantage of it and keep it going into the weekend.

THE MODERATOR: Questions. Go ahead, Karen.

Q. You talked outside about this being one of those magical days. In the course of a season, how many rounds do you have competitively that you would call magical??

JOHN MALLINGER: Well, it's only the second time I've shot 62 in seven years out here, so not very often. Any time you get it that low everything was kind of clicking. Drove it great, irons were great, and made putts.

Once a year probably. Hopefully more often than not.

Q. When you have a round like that, do you ask yourself, Why can I not do this more often??

JOHN MALLINGER: I try to just remember how I'm playing, how I'm thinking and how I'm playing, and just try to repeat that any time I get back in that situation.

Usually you're not thinking about much. You're just kind of playing and you end up with 62. It's just one of those days where everything just kind of clicks and you just roll with it.

Q. The drive that set up that 5-wood shot on 15 was actually a little bit shorter than the two guys you were playing with. Was that by design? Were you angling?

JOHN MALLINGER: No, they just hit it farther than I do. (Laughing.) But I was in the fairway. They were in the bunkers. Worked out better.

Q. You liked your position there??

JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, it was a good spot for me. I love that club I hit into the green, so it was a great number. Just made a confident swing.

Q. You work with a coach who stresses process.


Q. How easy is that for you to keep process?oriented when I'm sure you're wanting that win, you want to see the results and not just enjoy the process?

JOHN MALLINGER: You know, it's difficult. I've been out here six years and I haven't won yet. Been close a lot of times: lost in a playoff, bunch third places.

If I just keep staying in that process, keep doing what I'm doing?? I can't do anything against the field. I can just play as well as I can. I would love to say it is something different, but it's really not. It's all just believing in yourself.

Hopefully I get the same good thoughts going into the weekend.

Q. Is the challenge to keep the same mindset of Thursday and Friday on Saturday and Sunday? What makes the weekend difficult? It's still the same course; you still have the same thoughts.

JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah, you know, obviously I think the pins might be a little bit different Saturday, Sunday. Usually a little tougher on Sunday. Just the pressure of being in that situation and handling it correctly.

I feel like I'm close. I don't think I would be up here if I wasn't. I'm not going to go into the weekend scared. I'm going to play as hard as I can and compete as hard as I can.

Q. Your hobbies, you're listed is a car enthusiast??

JOHN MALLINGER: A little bit. Nothing like Hunter Mayhan. I just like cars.

Q. So nothing like Bubba where if you win a tournament you have a car you're coveting??

JOHN MALLINGER: No, no, nothing like that.

Q. A quick question about Patrick. Do you see any difference in him since he's turned pro??

JOHN MALLINGER: Not at all. That's something that's actually impressed me the most. For a 19? or 20?year old, he's got the composure of a 30?year?old. You don't see that very often, especially coming out of college.

I've been around with him a lot and practiced with him. His demeanor and the way he handles himself is unbelievable. I got no doubt he's going to succeed in golf and be out here for a long time.

Q. What do you think he's learned from you and what have you learned from him??

JOHN MALLINGER: I think he realized how much I like to compete, whatever it is, ping?pong, little putting contests. I think he likes hanging around me just because he gets that competitive mode going.

Hopefully he's learned some stuff. He's been around three or four of us on tour and practiced out there, so I think he's picked up some stuff. He's really good at just being a sponge. He takes it in, and whatever he works for him he kind of keeps to his own, so...

Q. Can that rub off an a veteran like yourself??

JOHN MALLINGER: Yeah. There are a lot of things I can pick up from him. He's a great player. He's a great ball?striker. I'm just impressed with the way he handles himself composure?wise. You know, bogeys don't affect him. Maybe he feels like he's going to birdie the next three, so we'll see.

THE MODERATOR: Thank a lot, John. Good luck this weekend.