What they said: Davis Love III

October 10, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Wanted to ask you about yesterday. Had a pretty cool vibe out there. Ever been a part of anything like that??

DAVIS LOVE III: No, it was pretty cool. I've played some U.S. Open or British Open qualifiers over here where the people are just wandering around, they're watching.

But it was kind of neat. Any time you get to play Cypress it's a treat. Obviously had a good partner, so it was fun.

Q. Birdie on 16.

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, that was good. Nick made a good eagle on 10 and then birdie at 16, you know, there are two holes that we won that you wouldn't expect to have to match an eagle or birdie on 16.

So that kind of put us over the hump and allowed us to beat 'em. Those two made a big difference for us.

Q. How did you get into that match??

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, Tim Finchem in his campaign to raise $100 million for the First Tee is trying to have a real exciting kind of weekend for the people that donated the money. They played a Pro?Am Monday at Pebble Monday.

It was just a good way for all those people that were there that supported that campaign so much to have something to give back to them. It was fun I think for everybody involved at Cyprus because that was such a legend, you know, that match, to see some guys go back out and play.

Q. Give me the two teams.

DAVIS LOVE III: It was Bubba and Rickie Fowler versus Nick Watney and myself. Fred Couples was supposedly, but his back went out. I said, I got a good replacement partner, a good young guy to carry me.

Q. So you guys get to play the part of the pro and the amateur??

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I guess Freddy and I were supposed to be the older guys. Obviously not going to have amateurs probably, but it supposed to be the older guys versus the younger guys and it didn't work out.

Nick Watney has a friend that has place right behind the eighth green. All four of us have so many friends there at Cypress and Pebble. It was kind of neat. Some of the guys were saying, Man, there is a lot of people out watching you. I said, Yeah, but half of 'em I know 'em. So it was a fun day.

Obviously the whole foundation out there with the Pebble Beach tournament has done so much for that community. Then on top of that, the First Tee, it was nice to help out a little bit.

Q. Part of you wish the PGA TOUR could play there more or guys could play out there in competition??

DAVIS LOVE III: I got to play there in competition, so it was fun. I don't know if in this day and age of all the media and TV and all that if Cypress really wants that.

Back in the day when it was just a couple cameras and a few fans it was different, but now Cypress has such a mystique. It's nice they kind of keep it quiet over there.

Q. Talk about what some of these guys are saying. Your thoughts on Ryder Cup have been very well chronicled in Sports Illustrated and that, but what are some of the guys coming up to you and saying??

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, it doesn't matter who it is, we wanted to win. Whether it was guys that watched it on TV or fans or whatever.

So I think guys are coming up to me -- it was strange the first couple days of Vegas because everybody didn't know what to say because it was so fast.

Now with some perspective, we did a great job. The guys played hard. Obviously we got a bunch putts holed on us that you wouldn't expect, and we lipped out a bunch. If we don't lip out putts all week ?? you know, Stricker putted the ball really well and kept lipping out on him.

If it wasn't for a few guys like that that didn't get what they deserved, we would have ran away with it on the first two days. So it's just unfortunate that it turned out that way. Most guys, they appreciated how hard they fought. Unless you're a player you don't really understand how hard it is.

Somebody said if you're not in the arena you can't really comment on it. We fought hard and we had a good plan. Guys just didn't play the way they wanted to on Sunday. It was tough.

But everybody has been very nice about it. We handled it well and it was good for the game and all those nice cliches, but it still stinks that we lost. That's what it boils down.

Keegan called me and left me a message yesterday; Tiger is texting from Turkey. Guys are still talking about it. It's going to sting for a long time for a lot of us for sure.

Q. Any more comments from Michael Jordan??

DAVIS LOVE III: I haven't actually talked to him after. I texted him a few times. He felt bad like the rest of us. We all tried to do our own little part to get the guys to go out and play and have fun and relax.

In the end, the other team made the putts and we didn't. Everybody feels bad that we could have done something differently, Michael included.

He was as an avid a fan as anybody. And Michael understands. The players care more about it than anybody else. I think all the criticism that the guys don't come together and don't play as a team and we don't care as much, that's the only disappointing thing about the whole thing.

Simply put, we care about it a lot more than anybody else does. It's harder on us than it is on the fans. I don't think people really realize it. Tiger Woods was up all night Sunday night. Didn't sleep. I mean, he's taken the rookies aside Sunday night and telling them he's sorry that he didn't play better ? and he actually played very well. But he feels responsible.

Furyk and Stricker, we're all down in the dumps over it. I think people don't realize how much these guys really care, how hard they try.

That's part of our problem is we try too hard. It's like the last nine holes of the Masters. Guy shoots 2?over and they say, Well, he choked or he didn't handle the pressure.

No, he was trying too hard. All of a sudden he started trying to win the Masters. I think that's what happened to us in the Ryder Cup. For some reason in the Presidents Cup we seem to free wheel it better.

We need to put three days together. We've had some great Sundays and great Friday?Saturdays, we just haven't have had three good days in Ryder Cup in a while.

Q. Is it a little bit cathartic for because you jumped right back in and you're able to get back to your game and do what you do best, which is play??

DAVIS LOVE III: It's nice to be out with your friends. I spent a lot of time last week with Justin Leonard and Billy Andrade who was doing TV. They my buddies. You can talk about it a little bit.

You go home and talk to your friends about it and it's different. You're out here with your competitive friends, guys who understand the game, and you can talk about it a little bit more.

Plus, I need to play. I'm excited about playing.