What they said: Lee Westwood

September 09, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: BMW Championship transcripts archive Q. You guys were going at it pretty good. Can you just sum up the day for us, what it was like out there playing with Rory??

LEE WESTWOOD: I think we both played well. I think that sums it up.

Q. Can you talk about the kind of player he is??

LEE WESTWOOD: Well, he's a talent, yeah. I played with him when he was 13, and you could see it then. He's just maturing all the time, as he will do. And he's a very, very good player.

Q. Is it good to have him as a teammate coming up??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, yeah, I was going to say, if he needs a partner, I don't mind.

Q. He could play with anyone, couldn't he??

LEE WESTWOOD: Could he? I think we probably both could, so it's an option that Jose Maria has got.

Q. What's made the difference in him in the last year or year and a half??

LEE WESTWOOD: Just maturing, isn't he.

Q. For yourself today, was there a point when you felt like you had to make it happen, and it didn't there toward the end??

LEE WESTWOOD: You know, I didn't know. I was hitting good shots, I was inside Rory a lot of the day pretty much on the greens. I got a bit unlucky at 14 with the lie in the fairway, conducive to a bit of a hook, and just turned over a little bit too much, and when I got up there, it pitched, come out of its plug mark, had to play it where it was and made bogey. Then got in between clubs at the next, between a 3-iron and a 5-wood, and then 16, I hit a great shot in, and I hit a great putt which I thought was in. And then I played the last two holes solid.

Q. Is there a different feeling playing with the all-star cast on the marquee, or is it just another golf tournament??

LEE WESTWOOD: Well, it's certainly not just another golf tournament. I would say that the FedExCup events are higher profile, aren't they.

Q. Yeah, but I'm just talking about all the heavyweights on the board.

LEE WESTWOOD: I think it's good for everybody to see a top-quality leaderboard in tournaments. I guess the people coming, the players playing, everybody wants to see the big names at the top. It only makes sense.

Q. Were you watching the scores today??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, it's the first time I've played the FedExCup.

Q. Were you watching it last year??

LEE WESTWOOD: I was sitting home thinking I'd like a crack at that, yeah.

Q. When is the last time you had that good of a leaderboard??

LEE WESTWOOD: I don't know. (Indiscernible.)

Q. I don't think enjoyed playing today more than you did. That had to be a lot of fun early on the back nine with Rory back and forth.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, it was a good day out on the golf course. I played rather well, and yeah, it was a fun day out there.

Q. The game was there all day, just couldn't get a decent run of putts to drop, could you??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I made one on the par-5s today. But other than that, I hit it really close. I had a nice one on 13, which kind of got me going a little bit, but then I bogeyed the next, just got a rough lie next to the green.

Q. You're going to the TOUR Championship for the first time.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I'm quite amped up. I'm in good position for it, so hopefully come back in two weeks' time and try and win.