What they said: Lee Westwood

September 08, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: BMW Championship transcripts archive Q. Do you want to just talk about your round today??

LEE WESTWOOD: I played really well. It was a bit tricky today I thought with a slight breeze. It played long, no run. But still in great condition. The greens are rolling well, and if you played well, then there were obviously some good scores out there. I saw some good scores from Phil, a 64. But 68, 3-under for the last four, gets me within striking distance.

Q. I don't know if you've had a chance to look at the leaderboard, but it's pretty impressive, five or six guys that could be No.1 in the world right there in the top five or six.

LEE WESTWOOD: I think it's a reflection of the golf course, how good a golf course it is. It's a very fair, honest test of golf, set up great. If you miss fairways you get penalized. If you're on them, you get rewarded. No complaints on the greens. If you start a ball on line, it goes in. That's the reason why you've got such a quality leaderboard.

Q. Is the course that much different today than the first two days??

LEE WESTWOOD: The course wasn't much different. The difference was the slight strengthening of the breeze.

Q. Talk about your own game going into tomorrow.

LEE WESTWOOD: The game is good. I played well the first three days. I'm starting to roll the ball well on the greens. I hit a lot of good putts today that didn't go in. I had a couple that I left short right in the middle. Maybe run the ball at the hole a little bit stronger tomorrow, try and get it 18 inches, two feet past, instead of just dribbling in the hole, and I think I'll hole more putts.

Q. You're swinging pretty good, though??

LEE WESTWOOD: I'm swinging it really well. I have been for a while. I played well at the Barclays, swinging it well there, just didn't make the cut the last couple of days last week, made too many mistakes, silly mistakes, and then it's all come together this week. I've been -- I was sloppy for a period on the first day, but other than that I've been very solid.

Q. This is your first go-around with the Playoffs. Pretty exciting, the leaderboard??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I haven't played them before. I watched them on TV and saw that I was missing out on big tournaments, and I wasn't wrong. It's been great to play them. The PGA TOUR do a great job putting on these events. After the major championships there's some big tournaments to play for once the majors are gone, and they've managed to put together a great series, and I'm looking forward to hopefully playing well tomorrow and getting into the TOUR Championship because I've never played there before. Been really sort of a bit of a second wind for me, moving over here shortly and committing myself more to this TOUR and playing these bigger events has given me sort of a new challenge.