What they said: Lee Westwood

September 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Great ball-striking day, great putting day, great scoring day. What are you most proud of??

LEE WESTWOOD: I've worked hard on my putting, and I'm starting to roll a lot of good putts. I wasn't driving it well on the back nine but still hitting good putts, and when they weren't going in I was misreading them. But they're starting to start off on line, which hasn't been happening all year.

Q. I followed you at the U.S. Open and the Open Championship. Today you looked really comfortable over every putt. Did you feel more comfortable??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, you feel uncomfortable when the ball is not going where you're aiming. When they do start in there, then the hole starts to grow as more putts go in.

Q. The conditions, soft conditions. Obviously it's suited for you and a lot of the long hitters out here.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I think obviously the golf course is playing long, played into a long hitter's hands. But it's soft out there, so everybody can stop the ball on the green. There's a slight breeze today but nothing really to put you off. The ball is going a long way, which obviously helps, and the greens are (indiscernible).

Q. Are you excited about tomorrow??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, very. I've been playing well this week. I took last week off and finished fifth at the Barclays and I've just been a bit sloppy, and yesterday I was a bit sloppy, as well.

Q. Were the hole locations challenging today??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I think they were. They were slightly more tucked away. I think they were slightly more tucked away. But when the greens are as soft as they are, if you're hitting the ball well and driving it long and straight, you get a clean ball, not going in with too long of an iron, so even the long par-4s like 14 I was hitting 7-iron in there and the last I went in with a 9-iron. It's very scorable out there.

Q. You haven't played the TOUR Championship. Are you going to fix that??

LEE WESTWOOD: Hopefully, yeah. That's the idea.

Q. Was it the kind of day where you're playing so well, are you like, I hope I get it in before the rain comes??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, when it started to cloud over a little bit with five, six holes to go, I was like, I hope they've got the forecast right and it's coming in a bit later. It cooled it down, and the English like when the clouds come on.

Q. Where was the pin on 15 today, the par-5??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, good flag on the back there. It makes you think about it. I hit what I thought was a good drive. I had to think about it. I hit a poorish lay-up, but managed to hole a 20-footer for birdie.

Q. What did you have left on your second??

LEE WESTWOOD: I had 190 front but I was in the rough, so I decided the play was to lay up, and the laid it up in the rough so I could take the spin off it.

Q. Has there been another par-5 where there's such a disparity on setup? What did you have when you hit the fairway yesterday?

LEE WESTWOOD: I actually had further yesterday to the front than I did today. I had I guess about 210 yesterday and 190 today.

Q. The pin was all the way back today.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, the green is 60-odd yards long, so the length of the hole is going to be dependent on the pin position. It's a good green. I like that green. It makes you think about it.

Q. Have you ever played four days with the ball up??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, many times, yeah. When there's as much mud on the ball as there is here, it's needed, really. I know they don't like to, but there's got to be an advantage to hitting the fairways. You can't make it -- the fairways are so tight here, and there's not that much room -- any ball coming in, it's just going to stick right there. But you've got to reward people for putting it in the fairways.