What they said: Ryan Moore

September 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DOUG MILNE: Ryan, second consecutive 6-under 66 here at the BMW Championship after round 2. Just some comments on the round today and then we'll take a few questions.

RYAN MOORE: I mean, it was just another really good, solid round, putting the ball in the fairway, and then with the ball in hand, that's nice. Hitting good, solid iron shots and really just converting. Any reasonable chance for birdie I had, I pretty much made it. And I only made one bogey for the two days, so ...

Q. With the ball in your hand, over two days how many strokes do you think you saved? How much of an advantage can it be?

RYAN MOORE: Well, considering I had extremely large clumps of mud on the ball every single tee shot yesterday, who knows. In those circumstances you can hit great golf shots all day that end up 30 yards off of a green.

You know, it was a pretty significant difference yesterday. Today, not so much. I maybe only had two mud balls all day, so it really wouldn't have made that much of a difference today. But they obviously just couldn't chance it with that storm this afternoon.

I mean, it was the right decision. But it definitely would have played just fine today without ball in hand.

Q. Graeme McDowell had a situation yesterday where he called a penalty on himself. I'm curious, in your career, how many times have you called a penalty on yourself??

RYAN MOORE: I had one this year at Charlotte where I was actually in the lead, or close to the lead, after the first couple days, but I had a ball kind of move on me on the green after I had -- it was a six-inch putt that I had addressed it, I guess, by the rules of golf. I certainly didn't make the ball move, but it moved. I had to call that one on myself.

But it's probably happened a couple other times besides that.

Q. For those who don't follow golf on a regular basis, why is it so important that guys sort of police themselves??

RYAN MOORE: Well, we do have rules officials, but we don't have refs, if you will. There's nobody watching over you, and sometimes you're 40, 50 yards apart on holes. So having -- I think it's just a really important -- kind of a special part of the game of golf is you're just honest out there. You're not trying to take advantage of anything, where other sports you try and get away with everything you possibly can at all times. A little different.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the way you've been playing the last few months? It seems like you might be one round away from having a really great tournament.

RYAN MOORE: Yeah. I've had a lot of those tournaments this year where I've gotten myself up where I want to be and haven't necessarily done what I've wanted to on the weekend. Last week was -- well, New York was one of those weeks, and then last week, as well. Ended up with good, solid finishes, but I was right up in the top 7 or 8 a large majority of the tournament.

You know, for me, last week I started putting better. I hit the ball great in New York and really have been hitting it well for the last few months and just not putting up to my standards. Just worked on it, refined it a little bit last week and started feeling comfortable over it, and now I'm to the point of actually feeling good over my putts and actually feeling a little bit of confidence.

It's amazing what that can do, and it's just simple things. It's nothing too complicated.

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this weekend.

Q. Is it a mechanical thing, or was it just a matter of seeing putts go in the hole??

RYAN MOORE: No, it was alignment, really. My alignment gets a little bit off, and then -- I don't know, you just kind of forget sometimes. It was actually just focusing on the little things, just working on my alignment, making sure I'm seeing what I'm actually seeing, and just go from there.

Q. We're seeing John Deere Classic-like scores. Do you figure the last two rounds you're going to have to keep your foot to the floor??

RYAN MOORE: I mean, it's hard to say. If it stays soft like it is, I mean, it's just -- it's ideal scoring conditions. The golf course is not an easy golf course by any means, but the conditions make it more scorable. We haven't had much wind with soft fairways so your ball is not chasing through corners and angles, and then softer greens that you can throw a ball in there with a 5-iron and actually stop it. And on top of that, honestly, the greens are fantastic, and they roll really pure. They're not too fast. They've been a really nice make speed for the past couple days. All that just adds up to good scoring, and the fact that you've got the top 70 people playing this week that have been playing well and earned their way here. All that put together, it's good golf.

DOUG MILNE: Ryan, great playing. We appreciate your time, as always.