What they said: Bill Haas

September 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: BMW Championship transcripts archive Q. Let's talk about today. You have to be proud of that round. 64, well done.

BILL HAAS: Yeah, thank you. I hit it pretty similar yesterday, just couldn't get the putter going, and today it was hot. I made actually two nice 10-footers for par and one for bogey. If you don't make those and I don't make a couple others, it's the same old story, 2-under, 1-under par. It's nice to see some putts go in, and you're going to have to do it -- they're going so low out here. The course is just prime for scoring. Happy to shoot a good number.

Q. You birdied 16 and you were 9-under for the day. That would have been the competitive course record. Did you know that at the time??

BILL HAAS: I did not. Honestly I knew 17 and 18 were two tough holes, just wanted to hit two good shots there, and unfortunately hit a bad iron at 17. But then 18 hit two nice shots and gave myself a look at 9-under. I wish I could have made that one, but like I said, I made some out there that I can't be too disappointed.

Q. That got you back in the game.

BILL HAAS: Absolutely. Obviously seeing the scores yesterday I knew after shooting 1-under I was going to need a 7- or 8-under at least one day and maybe one other one just to stay with the guys leading. Hopefully can grab that momentum and shoot some decent scores this weekend.

Q. Getting back to Atlanta has got to be big for you, being defending champ.

BILL HAAS: 100 percent. Definitely my goal for a while here. Maybe I've been putting too much pressure on it and just haven't been able to have one of those good weeks to really jump up the list. But certainly this week would be a nice week. If I can get two more good scores this weekend, definitely give myself a shot at East Lake.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BILL HAAS: Yeah, I drove it really well, but overall just putted really nicely. The putts I felt like I need to make, birdie putts from 10 feet I made. I made about a 12-footer for bogey at 17. Little things like that kept my round going. Nice eagle at 9.

To go from 3-under -- I was 4-under total, but still looking, the leaders were 11-under and I was way back. Really the eagle at 9 got me going and made some nice ones on the back. I wish I didn't hit that iron at 17, but overall pretty pleased.

Q. How much pressure is on you right now??

BILL HAAS: Yeah, I think everybody out here puts pressure on themselves. The truth is if I have a good weekend, I get to play at East Lake, and if I don't, I don't. That's just the way it is, and I wish I could be that relaxed out there on the course about it, but I have to keep telling myself that to just go play the game, let it come to me, and if it works out, great. If not, it's still been a good year.

Q. You did that today??

BILL HAAS: Yeah, felt pretty comfortable out there today. Obviously making a few putts early helps that, and you don't have to put so much pressure on every shot if you can get a few under par early, and I was able to do that.

Q. Do you feel like it's going to take two more rounds like this this weekend??

BILL HAAS: Depends on the weather. I guess that storm is coming in. The course is going to get softer. The greens are going to stay the same, it's just a matter of whether it gets a little cooler and windier. If you have wind and cooler, the ball won't be going as far, so I think it'll play a little tougher, but you'll still see good scores. I don't think it'll take two more 8-unders, I don't know if it needs that, but it's certainly going to be mid 60s.

Q. What did you do at 6, the par-3??

BILL HAAS: I hit a nice one, it just drew, landed on the edge of the green and just hopped off, but it was a pretty simple chip, just missed the green.

Q. (Inaudible.)

BILL HAAS: No. I saw the group behind me, I think Zach Johnson hit it right up against it. Obviously I was 10 feet away from being in the same position, but they kind of had some cool looking areas of the green. As long as you're not in it, yeah. You've got to miss left there. Water is right. It's a little tricky in the sense that plays where you have to miss it, it's the worst spot you can hit it. Basically I think all the par-3s you just have to hit good shots. They're birdieable holes if you hit good ones, and if you don't hit good ones, you can bogey them pretty quick.

Q. Were you looking at scoreboards out there??

BILL HAAS: Yeah, I think that's a trick that some people have is they try not to look at scoreboards, but in order to do that you pretty much have to look at your feet all day. There's a bunch of scoreboards out there, and they're an unbelievable piece of machinery. They're hard to miss in some instances. You've just got to realize there's 36 more holes. Anything can happen. One shot, good or bad, is not going to win you or lose you the tournament. You have to just keep plugging away.

Q. What would it mean for you to end up in the top 30??

BILL HAAS: I think you can guess what it would mean. It's another week to play against the best players in the world, and I think it validates a good year. I won't say that it's a bad year if I don't make it, but I think making it in the top 30 is everybody's goal at the beginning of the year. It would be a goal for sure for me. It would make me feel really nice to have a good weekend.

Q. If that shot wasn't in the water do you think (inaudible)?(inaudible)?

BILL HAAS: Yeah, maybe. It's certainly a shot that I've become known for, and happy to be that way. I've said so many times things had to go my way that week for it to work out the way it did, and that was one of the biggest ones. The drought in Atlanta was the only reason I was able to win the tournament.