What they said: Brandt Snedeker

August 26, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: The Barclays interview transcripts archive COLIN MURRAY: We would like to welcome Brandt Snedeker to the interview room here at The Barclays, 1-under par 70 today, 7-under par for the tournament.

A couple strokes short, but all in all, got to be happy with the week, maybe just some thoughts on how the golf course was today and your thought process and then we'll go ahead and open it up to questions.

BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, it was obviously a good week, not a great week. But the golf course was a complete -- the winner this week. It was so tough to play the last two days. The greens were just as firm as I can remember on TOUR; the fairways were as firm as I can remember on TOUR. Just a great test of golf, and more importantly, a great test of how mentally strong you could stay on the course over the last 36 holes. You knew you were just going to get some bad breaks no, way around it. Did a great job of that, and Nick obviously played great today, to shoot under par today is a good score. A little frustrated with the way I drove the ball on the back nine. Put myself behind the 8-ball. Besides that, it was a pretty good day.

Q. I think this is your sixth week in a row. How many more weeks do you have in you, and is The Ryder Cup looming in your mind??

BRANDT SNEDEKER: I'm pretty much on the process of trying to win every tournament I show up right now. I think I'm playing the bestI can. Not a big deal. I love doing this, I wouldn't want to be any place else, so that's not too much of an issue. Ryder Cup's definitely on my mind. But I'm not letting it affect the way I play. Try to win every golf tournament, try and press the gap, it gives me more motivation to do it, and if I do that, I know I will make the decision easy for them.

Q. How tough was it on this course today to try and mount a charge, and then secondly, do you think the fact that you and Dustin were the two guys who played so well on such a tough course, that that speaks volumes, you know, for your Ryder Cup chances??

BRANDT SNEDEKER: Davis has an extremely difficult choice with a bunch of guys who did not play well enough over the last two years to be on the team. You can't go wrong with any of them. I think that it's certainly helped everybody play well this week.

But that being said, I think Nick is a candidate; he beat one of the best fields we've ever had out here and played fantastic golf. Davis has a very tough decision, because he's got a lot of good friends on the outside, and I think -- it can't hurt my chances, I know that. So I'm happy with that aspect, and I still want to win, I need to win to impress the captain.

Q. Was it tough to mount a charge??

BRANDT SNEDEKER: At no point today did you feel likeyou could be aggressive. When you played the par 5s, that was the only time you could be aggressive all day. The rest of the time you're trying to make 25- or 30-footers if you hit good shots. That's a major championship setup.

Q. Have you had a chance to talk to Davis lately??

BRANDT SNEDEKER: We've been texting. He's been intentionally staying out of our way I think. But his message has been very clear, him and his assistant captains; just forget about The Ryder Cup and play as good as you possibly can and it will take care of itself.

I'm taking that on now. I'm doing everything I can, and if it happens, it happens; and if it doesn't happen, I'm okay with it.

Q. Did you check your text messages --

BRANDT SNEDEKER: I'm not expecting one from Davis. If I know Davis, he's not anywhere near a TV right now (laughing).

Q. Just one last thing, the greens, a lot of people said they were a little slower today, because they watered them yesterday. Did you notice a difference, and was it inconsistent from day-to-day? Did that make it tough?

BRANDT SNEDEKER: You know, yesterday I don't care what the TOUR says, the greens got out of hand. And I know some guys got barbecued for saying, that but that's the truth. There was a couple of holes that were unplayable and they did a great job today of getting the course back playable. Kept it right on the edge, it was not easy by any means but they did a good job today.

Q. What are the most weeks you've played in a row in your career??


Q. And when was that, and why??

BRANDT SNEDEKER: A couple different times. Nationwide Tour, you don't have the luxury of taking weeks off; you're trying to get a job. I've done that a few times. A couple years ago I was injured and came back and had not played very well, and these stretches can be good or bad depending how your outlook is. If you're playing good like I am, I welcome it. So I'm going to keep running it for as long as I can go.

COLIN MURRAY: Brandt, thanks so much for your time.