What they said: Alexandre Rocha

August 04, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Reno-Tahoe Open transcript archive THE MODERATOR: Alexandre, thanks for joining us in the media center. Looks like you picked up nine points today. Only blemish, number 17. Maybe just talk about your day. It looks like five birdies and that one bogey.

ALEXANDRE ROCHA: Yeah. It was great. It was solid. I was pretty calm out there, which is encouraging for me. I've never really been in this position before. And I was extremely happy to see that I reacted to it in a calm manner and I was able to control and stay about my business. That was great.

Midway through the round I started having a great time out there. Once the initial inevitable tension from the first couple holes wore off. And I played really, really well. I was excited about it. I played not particularly I didn't take advantage of the par 5s as much as I would like to. Actually I only made one birdie on par 5s today. But you know, I can't complain after yesterday's scoring bonanza I put together in the par 5s. So it's fine. It's a good round, solid round, nearly flawless golf really. I missed maybe a 3 footer on 17. I misjudged the break, but I played well. I'm happy.

THE MODERATOR: Any other miss any good birdie opportunities on any of the other holes early on?

ALEXANDRE ROCHA: Well, I had a few. I missed a makeable one on No. 2 and another makeable one on No. 4 and then one on the back on 15. But honestly speaking, I've made more than my fair share of putts this week, so I can't complain about not having made three 18 footers today. I'm quite happy with my putting.

Q. Do you have an idea what it might take to win this thing score wise? J.J. thought after the start yesterday maybe 40 might do it but obviously with 36 after 54 holes, everybody is right there.

ALEXANDRE ROCHA: I'm going to guess 46 to 48. I think J.J. has had three super rounds in terms of scoring, and he's already at 36, so I don't see him going around the course with any less than ten points tomorrow, minimum. So that would put him at 42 I mean at 46. And I'm just going to give him another two for good measure. So that puts him at 48. I think 50, 48 to 50 is my guess.

Q. What do you think will be the key tomorrow to try to catch up to him? Do you have any experience playing against him before?

ALEXANDRE ROCHA: I've never played with J.J. ever before, no. I mean he's a TOUR winner. He knows what it takes to close out a deal and I obviously don't. So right off the bat it's advantage him.

But we're talking about the two of us. We can't forget the rest of the field that's behind us and very, very close. I don't think it's really going to be between I mean because of the format, you can have a guy on stand by just cruising around and suddenly make a turn, make a couple of birdies and sneak in an eagle, and suddenly there you go.

I think it would be a mistake to pay attention to J.J. I think it would be a mistake to get over aggressive. I think I'm going to continue to play the golf course exactly as I have, and hopefully that'll be enough. Over four days I would hope the consistency would pay off.

Q. You mentioned not being over aggressive tomorrow, but do you think with this format and with tomorrow being the last day some people will play even more aggressive than they have already this week??

ALEXANDRE ROCHA: Absolutely. I think they will. I think people that are sitting say within the top 20 as of now are probably going to try and do get a little more aggressive tomorrow.

But you see, what I don't understand is how can you, because some of the pin positions on par 5s today, 18 they gave you 18 really. It was a birdie hole for sure. It was an opportunity for an eagle and I didn't take advantage of it. In fact, I didn't even birdie it. But No. 8 was extremely difficult to get close to.

No. 2 was extremely difficult to get close to. So I don't understand what that means I'm going to get more aggressive. Sometimes you just can't, like the golf course won't let you, and you're still going to have to rely on making putts, you know, sometimes from 15, 20 feet. So I'm just not even going to entertain the thought of getting any more aggressive. I think I'm I mean on my own ball, I am, what, 13 under par for the week as of now, which is by a long shot the best score I've put together this year. And it has me in second place as of now, so I'm not going to change that.

THE MODERATOR: Okay? Thank you.