What they said: Andres Romero

August 02, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Reno-Tahoe Open transcript archive THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Andres Romero to the interview room here to the Reno-Tahoe Open. Bogey-free in the first round, 7 birdies, 14 points.

Just start us off talking a little bit about the day, how the golf course played, and then we'll go from there.

ANDRES ROMERO: (Through translation.) Well, 7 birdies and 11 pars, that's unusual for me. I usually do a lot of birdies and bogeys as well and very aggressive.

But the key was the greens. I had a good feeling on the greens, and that's why I got that score.

THE MODERATOR: Have you ever played the modified Stableford format before in the International in Colorado, or is this your first time playing this format?

ANDRES ROMERO: (Through translation.) This is my first time. It's unusual to see scores on the board like 14 or 12 or whatever. But I felt really good. I like the format.


Q. Playing in this format, how do you like playing 18 as the last hole of the day every day? How do you think that might figure in to who wins or loses this tournament?

ANDRES ROMERO: (Through translation.) Well, we were talking about that yesterday. I was playing the Pro-Am, and one of my partners made two and we were joking because, you know, if you are losing or if you are second in the last round and you know you're ahead like four points or six points and you made a bad stroke, you know you can win the tournament.

So it's instinct, yeah.

Q. Greens in the mountains can be difficult to read. Do you have trouble with that? Do you just see a line? Do you adjust for the mountains? How do you do those calculations?

ANDRES ROMERO: Well, I didn't have any trouble with the greens. I think I read the greens very well. I played this course twice before, so for me it was not that difficult.

Q. I was wondering if back home in Argentina if you play a lot of mountain-type courses, if you're familiar with this type of course which you don't see on the PGA TOUR much??

ANDRES ROMERO: (Through translation.) The province where I live is surrounded by mountains, so I'm used to playing in that kind of courses.

But the difference is Buenos Aires where it is flat and there is no mountains. Even though this is a different course in the PGA TOUR, I'm used to it. I really like these courses, and this course in particular is very beautiful.

THE MODERATOR: Anything else? Andres, thanks for your time. Play well.