What they said: Luke Guthrie

July 15, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: John Deere Classic transcript archive LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, it's great week. Had a lot fun. Had a blast with my brother on the bag. Just happy I kind of played a good round today and stayed in it and played a really solid back nine.

Proud of the way I hung in there.

Q. You started the day maybe playing for Mississippi. Are you thinking bigger now??

LUKE GUTHRIE: No, just one step at a time. Hopefully my score holds up and I get to play another event next week. I mean ...

Q. That event next week could be the British Open is what I'm saying.

LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, that would be awesome.

Q. Do you dream about that??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Definitely. I knew it was a possibility coming here, but I don't know if that will quite hold up. We'll see.

Obviously that would be awesome. That would my first major. I just home I get to play somewhere next week.

Q. Talk about turning it around from yesterday. I'm sure that wasn't the run you were looking for yesterday.

LUKE GUTHRIE: Not at all. I really struggled yesterday. I kind of live on a little power cut, a power cut with a power draw. That was causing some problems. Went to the range and figured out and had it working today and dropped a few putts and put up a score.

Q. Do you have experience to gain from here??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Oh, exactly. Starting at the St. Jude, that was my first start. Gained some valuable experience. Got to play in the last couple groups on Sunday. Didn't play my best, but just learning experiences.

This is another one. Just going to put it back in the memory and learn from this week, learn from Saturday, and come out stronger from it.

Q. Are you ready to get on that plane at 6:00??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, I am. My mom brought up my passport just in case. I was ready for it.

Hopefully it happens, but I'm not got to expect it at this point.

Q. Will you take your brother with it??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Actually, he's got a job. He's assistant coach, so he's supposed to be recruiting next week. We'll see.

Q. (No microphone.)

LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, exactly. I mean, right now I just love starts and love any opportunity to play golf. Just to compete, I love competing. When you're first coming out of college and don't have any status it's kind of hard to find places to play, especially on the PGA TOUR and Nationwide.

Just thankful that I was able to play well enough. Hopefully that holds up and I get another start.

Q. How was the support for you??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Oh, exactly. Yeah, the support this week has been awesome. Being from Quincy, there has been such a large contingency of Quincy people, and then Illini Day and you see orange everywhere. A lot of family and friends.

It's been a lot of fun playing in front of that crowd. Can't thank you them enough for all the support and all the (indiscernible) for me.

Q. Have you been talking to any of the Illini people, Steve, Coach Small, anybody??

LUKE GUTHRIE: I talked to Steve a couple times, but just kind of saying hey.

Coach, he gave me a lot of advice over the last four, four and a half years. Can't thank him enough for that. He's made me into the player I am. I just keep on trying to play golf the way I was taught to play at Illinois, and hopefully put up some good scores.

Q. Just kind of free-wheeling on the back nine??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, I made the turn and was just like, all right, me and my brother, it was just like, How many birdies you think on this back nine? I was like, at least five. Got a good start on the back nine.

I was just still trying to play my good solid golf. Just happened to hit it a little closer and make a few putts.

Q. (Question regarding the British Open.)

LUKE GUTHRIE: I mean, it would mean the world to be in the first major championship. To be able to do it through the John Deere in front of this home crowd would be something special. It would be really unique.

I'll go over there trying to play my best and hopefully get in contention. I love the competition. It was fun out there on the back nine knowing I was getting close to the top and trying to push it a little farther.

Had that nerve and that feeling again, and I love that.

Q. You don't seem to be afraid of anything.

LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, I mean, I have confidence in my ability. I just try to come out here and take it one shot at a time. I've gotten better that in the last year. Just try to play the best golf I can.

Also got caught up in a few more other things, a little more emotional, and I just try to stay even keel and play good solid golf.

Q. Have you ever played over in Scotland or Ireland??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Never been overseas in my life. Will be the first time.

Q. Talk about having Zach on the bag.

LUKE GUTHRIE: Well, all I can say is he's got a job, assistant job in Illinois. He's a great coach. He taught me a lot over the last four years, and growing up he's been a great brother and mentor to me.

I love having him on the bag. Whenever he has a chance to get on the bag, it's his. Yeah, it was fun today.

Q. Are you guys best friends??

LUKE GUTHRIE: We're brothers. Yeah, we're best friends, brothers. We have a great relationship. We hang out a lot and do everything together, so ...

Q. Talk about the different roles he's played.

LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, it's nice to have my brother back a little bit. Being assistant coach you kind of have to watch the line of being a coach and brother.

I think we nailed that very well when we were there. He was my coach for a long time; now he's my brother again. Nice to have my brother back.

Q. Talk about your expectations of the tournament. Did you exceed those or kind of perform the way you expected to??

LUKE GUTHRIE: Honestly, I performed the way I expected to. I came out here to get in the mix. Like I said to start the week, I want to be on the back nine on Sunday.

Unfortunately I didn't play a good enough round to be out there mixing it up with Stricker and the likes out there. I learned from that yesterday. I learned from that feeling, the weekend is a little different than the weekdays.

So came back out and learned from it and played a good round.

Q. Overall how do you think you played??

LUKE GUTHRIE: If I said to put a number on it, I mean, maybe B plus, A minus. I played a really good first day and last day. Really just the back nine. Between there, it wasn't anything very special. I wasn't playing that good and lost some opportunities there.

But the start and the finish of the tournament was strong.

Q. How confident were you on the eagle putt? Just kind of pushed it.

LUKE GUTHRIE: Yeah, is that was my best stroke. We thought it was going to be a little faster than that around the hole. It was kind of a tentative stroke, and that made me a little mad.

I wasn't going to do it on 18 there. Had a good strong putt and found the hole.