What they said: Billy Hurley

July 14, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: John Deere Classic transcript archive Q. Talk about the round. Obviously got started quick. Seven birdies, no bogeys and right in contention.

BILLY HURLEY III: Yeah, it was a solid round. Got off to a good start. Hit a good wedge into 1 and made a good putt.

Got it up and down from right of the green on 2, which isn't easy where the pin is today. Made a nice probably 35- or 40-footer on 3 to get three in a row out of the gate.

Sort of played solid on the way in. Couple wayward drives on the back nine, but was able to scramble it around.

Q. You're three back at this point. Do you think they'll be a few more back by the end of the day??

BILLY HURLEY III: I think they'll definitely be a few more back by the end of the day. You know, if you told me I was able to shoot 7-under today, I would have taken it.

Q. Some good rounds on the here. Conditions are right for you??

BILLY HURLEY III: Yeah, I mean, this place yields a lot of birdies, but the greens do spike up the more people that get on 'em. They get sort a little choppy. We'll see how much putts are made by the leaders.

Q. What was going on on 18? Did you get a drop there?

BILL HURLEY III: Yeah. I hit it left of left, but I saw would have had to hit it over the pavillions, and so you get a drop from that.

Q. Some confidence going into tomorrow then??

BILLY HURLEY III: Yeah, I putted beautifully today. Even the putts that didn't go in I felt like I hit great putts.

So hopefully we can just keep hitting it solid and get some good chances for tomorrow.

Q. This is your best round of the year. Was putting really the difference today for you??

BILLY HURLEY III: Probably. Yeah, I mean, I think you can certainly compare my 5-under on Saturday Congressional with this one, I mean, on a much harder golf course.

So certainly lowest score, but maybe not the best round.

Q. Talk a little about your time in the military and how much golf you played during that time.

BILLY HURLEY III: I played a good amount for the first couple years I was in the Navy. Played on 2005 Walker Cup team, and actually played this tournament in 2006 on a sponsor's exemption.

And then from 2007-2009 pretty became a recreational golfer. I played maybe once a month during that time.

Q. On 17 it looked like you were in bit of trouble. Did you have a perfect line to get out of the trees, or ...

BILLY HURLEY III: Yeah, I had pretty good gap. It wasn't a crazy risky shot. I just had to hit a good shot. Didn't have to hitting something heroic.

Q. How aware of the tournament's history are you and its record for first-time winners??


Q. It's a long storied history.

BILLY HURLEY III: We'll see what happens. Probably got to do the same thing tomorrow to have a chance.