What they said: Tiger Woods

July 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: The Greenbrier Classic transcripts archive Q. Tiger, obviously very disappointed. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: No, I didn't quite have it. I drove it really good today and I just did not have the feel for the distances. The ball was just going forever. I know we're at altitude, but I just couldn't get the ball hit pin high no matter what I did, and subsequently, I made some bogeys.

Q. What do you take from this? Obviously you're having a good season. Is this a setback, or is this just part of the process you go through?

TIGER WOODS: It happens, you know? You miss cuts out here. Been doing it for a long time and I think I've missed nine cuts or whatever like that in a couple years, I guess.

Q. Given your success at Congressional, Tiger, is this a surprise to you??

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, because I had my distance control dialed in and this week I was hitting the ball so far. I know it's hot, I know we're at altitude. My sand wedge is going 142, 145; wedge is 160. These are numbers that I don't normally hit. Some of the bigger guys hit those numbers but I don't, and I was really, struggling to get the ball at the right number.

Q. Is this a problem you think can be easily diagnosed and worked on heading to the Open??

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, because it's not going to be this warm and we're not going to be at altitude, we'll be on the beach.

Q. Do you think trajectory has something to do with that, when you're hitting it a bit lower than you normally would??

TIGER WOODS: As I said, we're slightly at altitude. The balls travel and Webb was making some really good numbers, made adjustments not only for the up or down, but also got adjustments for the altitude as well, so it does affect the golf ball. Obviously the longer you hit it, the more it affects it. It doesn't affect as much going uphill as it does downhill, even though it's not much, but it's so warm that the ball's just traveling.

Q. Tiger, can you talk about your first experience here at this tournament??

TIGER WOODS: Say again?

Q. Can you talk about your first experience here??

TIGER WOODS: I had a great time. The people here have been just fantastic, very excited to have a tournament here and you can see the people, how excited they were. It's A fun crowd to play in front of. Unfortunately, it's only for a couple days.

Q. Tiger, your driving, you were giving yourself some chances but silver lining (inaudible) --

TIGER WOODS: I drove it well. Unfortunately, I didn't hit the ball pin high, but that's one of the hallmarks of my game. I can hit pin high pretty consistently and I just did not do that at all.