What they said: Jonathan Byrd

July 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: The Greenbrier Classic transcripts archive MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Jonathan Byrd into the interview room. He's 8-under par through two rounds after a 2-under par 68 today.

Jonathan, kept it going today, nice playing through 36 holes. Just get your comments.

JONATHAN BYRD: Well, haven't been feeling too well lately, so today I felt a little better on the golf course physically and, you know, made eight birdies yesterday, five birdies today. A little disappointed in some of the bogeys, I made three bogeys, but anytime I'm making five birdies a round I'm doing a lot of things good. I was proud of the way I finished. Was playing real steady, had a lot of opportunities, was only 2-under through 8 and then had a little hiccup through 11, made 3 bogeys and just made some bad plays but fought back and made two good birdies coming in.

MODERATOR: Talk to us a little bit about your health issues. I know you've been battling, I guess, the last few weeks.

JONATHAN BYRD: Well, I got sick with something on the way to San Fran and I was kind of sick, upper respiratory and congested, and then just didn't get caught up my two weeks off and it came back and I've been battling this week.

MODERATOR: All right. We'll go into questions.

Q. Jonathan, can you talk a little bit about the boys from Clemson out on TOUR and how you guys compete maybe with one another? I know you're maybe somewhat removed from that, but Lucas' success, Charles.

JONATHAN BYRD: Yeah, I mean, a lot of guys, Lucas, Charles, Kyle Stanley, D.J. Trahan, Tommy Biershenk this year, we've got loads of talent that came out of Clemson and guys have been really successful on Tour and, you know, it's just fun to see. When I was at Clemson I knew those guys were going to be successful, they just had a lot of talent and they won a lot of tournaments individually and I had a lot of fun playing with them. I have just as much fun now traveling with them and seeing them at tournaments. I just walked by the first tee there and Lucas said "good playing." And having dinner -- my wife and I are having dinner with he and his fiance tonight, so get to continue to hang out with them as we get older.

Q. Are the West Virginia fans giving you any grief??

JONATHAN BYRD: Not too much. They've been very kind. It's good you brought that up. My brother early in the week said we kind of need to keep the Clemson thing on the down-low after that bowl game, but everyone's been really kind.

Q. Can you speak to the difference in conditions from yesterday to today??

JONATHAN BYRD: I thought the golf course played probably a little bit easier today than it did yesterday. I made a lot of putts yesterday. You know, I think with the greens holding in the morning, the ball was going -- going a pretty good distance after about an hour of playing this morning because it was so humid. But when the greens get softer like they were this morning, it's always, you know, there for better scoring conditions. Yesterday in the afternoon some of those hole locations, if you were coming out of the rough, you just couldn't get close to because the greens were firmer.

Q. Illness can be a little bit of a funny thing. If you have a string of bogeys together and you're not feeling all that great, you can sort of calm your nerves down easier. You seem very calm the last two days. Do you think illness maybe perhaps helped you a little bit??

JONATHAN BYRD: Yeah, they always say beware of the sick golfer or the injured golfer. There's a lot to that because you don't quite have the energy to get as mad at yourself and kind of let things kind of fall off and not worry about it, plus your expectations sometimes go down a little bit. So I've played some of my best golf when I haven't felt great about my game or haven't been feeling or I've been fighting something, but obviously I would rather be feeling healthier.

Q. Some guys out there playing this course for the first time are struggling a little bit. What have you learned from playing it before that's maybe helped you this week??

JONATHAN BYRD: I just think it's position, you know, position yourself on the golf course. I think any time -- I think every golf course, the more you play it, the more you get comfortable on it just knowing where the hole locations are and what kind of angle you want to be coming in from.

I'm just trying to keep it in play. I think you don't have to always attack this golf course and hit driver on every hole. You know, you just kind of move it around and keep it in the fairway and you just get a lot of wedges in your hand, a lot of short irons, and then you try to take advantage of that. And I feel like I've -- after playing here the last, you know, three years, I've got a really good knack for reading the greens and I've really read the greens well. Any time you play a golf course, that always gets better the more you play it.

MODERATOR: J-Byrd, take us not through the whole round; let's just go through the two birdies closing out on the par 3s. No. 15?

JONATHAN BYRD: 15, I birdied that hole yesterday, made about a 40-footer today. It was a left pin, which for a guy who draws it always looks nice, and just came right down on top of the flag, looked like it was going to go in. It was about a foot and a half and I made that. And then 18 I made a great wedge, drawing wedge into that pin, another left pin, and made about an eight?footer there.

MODERATOR: Birdied both of those the first two days.

JONATHAN BYRD: Like making twos.

MODERATOR: Jonathan, thanks for joining us. Keep it going this weekend.