What they said: Charlie Beljan

July 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: The Greenbrier Classic transcripts archive MODERATOR: We want to welcome Charlie Beljan. Great round today, 62. As he told me outside, it's Beljan like the waffle and the chocolate, right?

CHARLIE BELJAN: That's right.

MODERATOR: All right. We'll start off by talking about the round today and everything you had working. Just a great round of golf that has you in position going into the weekend as a rookie here at The Greenbrier Classic.

CHARLIE BELJAN: Yeah, today was the best day of my career. It was wonderful from the first hole, making birdie, to the last hole I made bogey, but it still didn't matter. I shot 62, which was my career low round out here. And then to do it on the PGA TOUR, each time I tee it up out here is a treat, and then to do something like I did today is really something special. So I'm only halfway there. I look forward to the weekend. I'm sure it's going to be a zoo and I look forward to it.

MODERATOR: You mentioned outside the rounds between yesterday and today weren't that different, just the putts went in.

CHARLIE BELJAN: Yeah, yesterday was just as good from tee to green. I was 2-over through three holes, and I think I hit my last 15 greens, gave myself plenty opportunities but the golf ball just wouldn't go in the hole as it does sometimes. And today I did the same thing, hit fairways, hit greens, gave myself chances and they went in in bunches.

MODERATOR: Take some questions for Charlie. If you could raise your hand we'll get a mic to you. Right here in front to start.

Q. Yeah, Charlie, I guess it's the first time you've ever been in the media room??

CHARLIE BELJAN: Yes, sir, I've only ever watched it on TV.

Q. I read in your bio where one of your goals in life, whatever, is to meet Tiger and you got to meet him at Bethpage, I believe, I guess when you qualified for the Open??

CHARLIE BELJAN: Beat him or meet him? I haven't beat him. Yesterday was the first time in my career that I've got to say, it was only for 18 holes, but that's a stepping stone.

Q. Yeah, (indiscernible) you're beating him pretty good right now. What are the emotions of everything that's going on right now?

CHARLIE BELJAN: I don't really -- I haven't really realized what's going on. I woke up this morning, I said let's just play a good round of golf and have another chance on the weekend. Now all of a sudden I'm sitting here in front of you guys in another first?time experience.

It's going to be great. I'm going to go enjoy Rod Stuart and The Fray concert tonight. And hopefully -- I never have trouble sleeping, but tonight, I haven't been in this position, so tonight might be a little bit different. But I look forward to teeing it up with whoever I'm playing with and I'm going to go just try to play golf and treat it like golf because that's what it is. However, it's a lot easier said than done.

Q. Charlie, I don't know if you realize this, I don't mean to bring up a negative, but you're actually last on the PGA TOUR in Round 1 scoring average.

CHARLIE BELJAN: I don't doubt it. I go to bed every night on Thursday night just praying for a good one on Friday.

Q. Have you felt more pressure on Fridays to be aggressive out there??

CHARLIE BELJAN: I think it's more of just Thursday even still, you know, 10 tournaments in, I think it's nerves. I went from the Gateway Tour to the PGA TOUR and had nothing in between. I had two U.S. Open starts, which didn't go quite as planned, and one Nationwide Tour start. So every time I step onto the tee or I'm hitting putts and hitting balls with hundreds or thousands of people around and it's just different, and now it's becoming more of just the game of golf, which is what it is.

Q. You mentioned the Gateway Tour. Describe where and how it is, and when did you realize what a great big -- and how much of a great big step up is it to the big Tour??

CHARLIE BELJAN: Oh, the Gateway Tour. I've been born and raised in Phoenix my whole life. The Gateway Tour is a mini tour that's based out of Phoenix. It's wonderful, you wake up every morning, you have a 30-minute drive, tee off early, you're back home by 11:00 and you've got the rest of the day to do what you want.

Now all of a sudden -- I've never spent -- I'm getting ready to do a five-week stretch. I've never spent five weeks away from home. Everything's a whirlwind, everything's different. The golf courses are much different, much harder. But it is a treat to be out on the PGA TOUR and anybody that tells you otherwise is, I don't know...

Q. Yeah, you have a cagey veteran caddying, Rick Adcox. How much do you think -- this being the first time that you've had the opportunity to either have the lead or be this close to the lead on the PGA TOUR, but how much do you think you're going to lean on his experience, who's been out here forever? How much will you lean on his experience coming this weekend?

CHARLIE BELJAN: Quite a bit. I met him for the first time on Monday morning and we hit some balls. Just the things we were talking about, we were both kind of on the same page mentally, both had kind of the same approach to everything, and I told my wife, I said, this is wonderful. I said, just talking to him, I felt at ease, I felt normal, I felt comfortable. And he's made a world of difference, I believe, and now we'll see how good he really is on the weekend.

Q. Charlie, you seem like you're having fun with all this. How much fun is it, not just shooting 62, but sort of everything that comes with it??

CHARLIE BELJAN: If you don't have -- every week out here is a blast. It truly is a treat. It's something I've worked for my whole life. Now I've been out here and playing in front of the people; for me, I love the people. The more people, the better because obviously you're doing something well.

But I had the media show up and the cameras show up somewhere on my back nine today and I've never had that happen, and I just kind of took it with a grain of salt, kept plugging away. But it is, I mean, every day is -- it's wonderful to be out here.

Q. Growing up in Phoenix, this necessarily wouldn't be the style of golf course that you're accustomed to, but how do you like the course so far??

CHARLIE BELJAN: The Greenbrier?

Q. Yeah.

CHARLIE BELJAN: This is probably my favorite tournament of the year so far, having nothing to do with how I'm playing. Yeah, I'm used to staring at dirt and mountains, and now all of a sudden we're playing tree-lined golf courses and there's water everywhere. And The Greenbrier, I've heard nothing but wonderful things about coming and I can't wait to come back.

Q. So he brought up your bio. A lot of us looked in the media guide today. It says you want to be strapped to the wing of a biplane, is that correct??

CHARLIE BELJAN: Yeah, that would be -- I've got two things that I want to do. That's one of them. I like anything -- that's why I'm also looking forward to the weekend, I like getting my heart beating, I like the adrenaline. That's one of them. And they have a big motorcycle race, it's called the Isle of TT Race. I don't even know where it's at, but one day I'd like to take my motorcycle and run that 39-mile stretch. I think that would be something special.

Q. It says also in there that you own two motorcycles but you drive a Smart Car. You understand the irony of that??

CHARLIE BELJAN: I do understand the irony. It's brutal when I pull up to the TPC Scottsdale and I have to unload my staff bag from the passenger seat, or from the back, and then I've got to open up the passenger and I've got to take out the woods and that because the car's so narrow that they don't fit sideways.

But it's all right. If people want to give me a hard time about the Smart Car, we'll go play 18 holes.

Q. And then making an exception here, but your wife and you are expecting??

CHARLIE BELJAN: Yeah, 10 weeks, September 10th. I was on a two- or three-week stretch and got home last week and looked at her and said, oh, my gosh, this is really happening. So she got to come with me this week and next week, and I think she'll make the trip to Canada and then that will be about it. But yeah, we're having a baby boy on September 10th.

MODERATOR: Well, good luck this weekend. And I think you can tell the folks at New Mexico that the communications major worked well, it was a pleasure having you in here, and good luck this weekend.

CHARLIE BELJAN: Thank you, guys, for your time.