What they said: Webb Simpson

July 06, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: The Greenbrier Classic transcripts archive MODERATOR: All right, fire away.

Q You had a pretty good number today obviously with the delay and everything??

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it was good. You know, four birdies, no bogeys. You know, the best thing about today's round is no bogeys, I think. Played solid, I had chances and, you know, it was tough to let a couple get by me on the back nine, but it was nice to birdie the last.

Q Can you talk about your demeanor playing with Tiger??

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, I just seem to enjoy playing with him. He's great to play with, he's fun and exciting. At each tournament I get a verse, a Bible verse, and kind of meditate on it, and more than anything it helps me stay calm. It's a big atmosphere out there, and so I'm thankful the first two days went well.

Q Are you surprised you played so well after the Open so recently??

WEBB SIMPSON: You know, I didn't know what to expect. I thought it might be difficult to play well, you know, but I think the way I played or the schedule I've played has helped, you know, playing right after was a good thing and then having a week off to kind of regroup was great. And this is an easy place for me to get to. We drove, a three and a half hour car ride, so it doesn't feel too far from home. So I think we've done a good job with the schedule.

Q You were kind of in this position at this point in the schedule last year. What's different about this year??

WEBB SIMPSON: You know, I was confident last year. I'm confident this year. I don't think a whole lot has changed. I learned a lot about myself in the final round last year. I think I was only one back on the final round. So I've got a long ways to go, a bunch of good players right there.

Q I know you're kind of concentrating on your own game, but you had a pretty good view of Tiger in the fairway most of the day today. Were you surprised he didn't score better maybe??

WEBB SIMPSON: You know, he actually played really well. He just had some distance control problems and, you know, it wasn't an issue last week and I think, you know, he's playing great. So I think he'll continue in most of the tournaments he plays the rest of this year. His game looks good to me.

Q How hard of an adjustment was that because obviously we're at altitude this week here. Was that for an adjustment for you as well??

WEBB SIMPSON: You know, it's tough to come here for the first time I think to really trust the numbers because the ball really does go a long ways. I think we're at 1800 feet above sea level so it does make a difference. And the tough thing is you've got to make an adjustment mid round. We were playing and cruising on the front and it was hot and the ball was going forever. And the storm comes and temperature drops, so it doesn't go as far. So a lot of adapting at this place.

Q Did the delay help you at all, soften things a little bit??

WEBB SIMPSON: I don't think so. We had good momentum on 7 and 8 making birdies there. Then I had a good look at it on 9 and, you know, it was kind of tough to get back into the rhythm of the round. I was pretty bummed. I didn't know they were going to blow the horn. I wanted to just keep going.

MODERATOR: All right. Great, thanks.