What they said: Jeff Maggert

July 05, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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MODERATOR: Okay, we'll go ahead and get started. We would like to welcome Jeff Maggert, after a successful 6-under in Round 1 here at The Greenbrier Classic 2012. Just some opening comments on the round today, how you're feeling, and then we'll take a few questions.

JEFF MAGGERT: Obviously a good start. I kind of surprised myself a little bit with my play. I played really bad last week up at Congressional and came down here early and just practiced a little bit and felt like I got things figured out a little bit the last couple days, but certainly wasn't expecting to play as well as I did today. But the ball striking was fantastic today, just kept the ball in play, gave myself opportunities to make birdies and had a couple little tough little chip shots that I got up and down for pars, and other than that, it was just nice and steady all day long.

MODERATOR: With that, we'll open it up for some questions.

Q. Jeff, did you start on No. 10??

JEFF MAGGERT: No. 10, yeah.

Q. Did you find that the front was a little harder to score on when you made the turn??

JEFF MAGGERT: I think it's kind of equal front and back nine. The thing with the back nine is you've got the two par 5s on the back nine and those are kind of scoring holes. Overall, the back nine may play a shot easier than the front nine.

Q. Would you describe your birdie putts for us??

JEFF MAGGERT: At my age it's hard to remember, short-term memory's going. I hit the ball close on 10, had about a three- or four-footer there. Made about a 12-footer on the par 5 12th for birdie. Then I hit it close on 14, three feet, and hit it pretty close on 17, the par 5, made about a four-footer.

And then on the other nine, pretty long putt on 7, I was kind of above the ridge there putting down the slope; that was about a 25- or 30-footer. And the other birdie, I was just on the back fringe on the 5th hole there, probably 15 feet.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JEFF MAGGERT: My golf game feels great. My putting stroke feels really good, too. I won't say I had trouble putting at Congressional, it was the rest of my game. So I feel like if I can hit the ball well the next three days, I'm going to be right there, a good shot to have a chance to win.

Q. Didn't you have two albatrosses in majors??

JEFF MAGGERT: I did. You're doing your research. I had one at Augusta National, yeah, the 13th hole, and then at the British Open, I think it was the 6th hole.

Q. What I was getting at is, I think you're the only guy to have two of them in majors.

JEFF MAGGERT: Well, an albatross is pretty rare regardless, but to have it happen to me in two major championships is kind of definitely I would say very unusual. Someone told me Fred Couples has made four or five albatrosses, but I don't know what tournaments he's made them in.

Q. I guess what I was getting at is, how much of that do you think is luck and how much is skill? I mean --

JEFF MAGGERT: It's 101 percent luck.

Q. There were quite a few badges sold, quite a few big names added to this tournament. What's the atmosphere like out there??

JEFF MAGGERT: The crowds have been great, I noticed even on Tuesday the crowds, and obviously with the good field this week. You know, when you drive into this place, you don't know where they're all going to come from, but there's some really nice crowds here and I expect the weekend crowds to be really large.

Q. Vijay's also shooting well today. This might be a tournament for the over-40 crowd. Could you talk about how we might party like it's 2006??

JEFF MAGGERT: Yeah, you know, every week now I seem like I'm the oldest guy in the field, but I saw Vijay's playing and Tom's here this week and Kenny Perry, so there's a few guys older than me. But there's a lot of guys out here in their 40s, late 40s, that can really play some good golf still, so it's not surprising to see some of the old guys up on the leaderboard.

Q. Jeff, again, two years ago when Stuart Appleby won this, he was 22-under. Last year the score, the number was 10. I think you're at what, 7??


Q. 6. That's a tough pace to keep up after, you know -- how do you maintain that level to keep that up??

JEFF MAGGERT: You know, I think the scoring conditions are probably -- I didn't play last year, but, you know, the scoring conditions are pretty soft right now, the greens are holding well, and from what I understand, the greens might be a little more receptive than they were last year. I know they redid some things on the golf course, so I think the greens are playing a little bit maybe easier this year. Certainly the greens are rolling really true. You know, I think there's going to be quite a bit more birdies scored this year than there were last year.

Q. Jeff, is this the kind of golf course where you could pull it off right now at your age? I mean, I know it's -- there's a lot longer ones out there. Is this the kind of golf course that feels right to you?

JEFF MAGGERT: I think when you're playing well it doesn't matter what golf course you're on. You know, there's obviously golf courses that suit my game probably a little bit better than this one, but certainly, ball striking-wise, I feel really comfortable here when I'm hitting the ball well with my irons, I feel like I could shoot some good scores.

As far as winning the tournament, it doesn't matter; if you're playing well and putting well, you know, you're going to play well no matter what golf course you're at.

Q. I'm looking for the good word for baffle, but the difference between last week and this week so far, what do you see in your game??

JEFF MAGGERT: Well, I kind of knew what I was doing last week, I just had a hard time taking it from the driving range to the golf course. The golf course was so penalizing last week, and really what hurt me was my driver. Normally I drive the ball pretty well, but there was just a couple of things I was working on in my golf swing that was just not working out on the golf course. I just struggled both days keeping the ball in the fairway and just nothing but bogeys, it seemed like that was it.

Q. Jeff, you mentioned the greens, that they were receptive. Of course with everything that happened at 16, how's it play??

JEFF MAGGERT: I can't see anything that ever happened to 16. They were telling me, you know, that they had trouble with the tree falling there, but Tuesday afternoon when I got there, I was looking around and asked my caddie, I said, Rusty, I said, I thought this green was supposed to be in bad shape. He said, Yeah, it looks pretty good to me.

It looks fine now. I'm not sure what it looked like before, but it certainly looks pretty good now. They did a good job because it looks like all the others.

MODERATOR: Anybody else? Jeff, thanks for your time, keep it up.

JEFF MAGGERT: Thank you.