What they said: Jimmy Walker

July 04, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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MODERATOR: Okay. We'd like to welcome Jimmy Walker into the interview room here Greenbrier Classic. Jimmy is making his third start at this tournament with T 4 finishes both in the first two seasons.

Jimmy, talk a little bit about your comfort level here at the Greenbrier.

JIMMY WALKER: I like it. I enjoy the golf course. It fits my eye really well. The hotel has been awesome. I think it's really grown in the eyes of the players. I think you can tell by the field this year. It's gained some notoriety. The town's great, the hotel is amazing, food is second to none, the service and all the fans and volunteers are great here and I felt at home here.

MODERATOR: Speaking of feeling at home, you also won on the Web.com Tour in West Virginia at the 2007 Pete Dye Classic. Talk a little bit about how that tour helped shape you as a player and also the fact that you've played well in West Virginia before.

JIMMY WALKER: Well, the Web.com Tour, coming out of college, you have a coach that handles all your stuff for you as far as travel and where you're going to stay and getting the rental car. There's a big leap, I think, form going to college and actually coming out and taking care of yourself. When you have to travel on that tour and travel all around the country driving in your car, flying, getting hotels, learning how to play golf, learning how to play against better players week in and week out, I mean, it's a great and get better.

MODERATOR: We'll go into questions. Brian??

Q Just curious, what's the hardest part about closing out a tournament? We've seen it a number of times this year where guys have played well two, three rounds, yourself included obviously played well here before. I think something like nine times a final round leader has gone on to win. Why do you think that is? What do you think is so hard about playing well for all four rounds?

JIMMY WALKER: To play all four rounds solidly, you know, it takes a lot of mental ability just to stay in it for that long, I think. You need to be hitting it well that week. You're not going to hit it great every day, but I think the weeks you play really well are the weeks you're not really thinking about anything, when you're just going through the motions and you can just go out and play pure golf. You know, I can think back to the times that I have won. I don't remember having any swing thoughts when I played. I can remember being able to playing golf, see the shots, hit them, making putts. I think when you're in that frame of mind, you're not really out there grinding on anything, it's easier, I think. But, you know, being able to hang in there mentally for four days is tough. There's a lot riding out here, so it's tough. Some guys do it better than others, but everybody out here is good.

Q (Inaudible.)

JIMMY WALKER: I got to play in the final group, which didn't feel like the final group, so that's always a really fun experience and all three of us talked about that. I don't think we really enjoyed the day as much. There was no adrenaline at all. It just felt like you were just kind of kind of out going through the motions. I wish we could have not played that day and either done 36 the next or finished on Monday. I don't know why we had to go out and play when the course was they did a great job getting it ready, but there was still a lot of damage and a lot of down stuff. I didn't see the change the next day. But, you know, I wish we could have played with fans. I didn't really enjoy it. I know some guys did, but

Q Mentally was that harder for you to focus not to play in front of fans like that? Is that part of the ...

JIMMY WALKER: It was different. I wanted it you know, I felt like I had kind of had a mindset going in already that, hey, I'll be in the last two groups or last, you know, something like that. It's going to be fun, going to be a lot of people out. And then it was just all the sudden there's not going to be anybody out. You're like, wow, this is a little different. So, you know, that's my fault for not readjusting. I'm not going to say that's why I didn't play as well as I wanted to, but, yeah, it was just a bummer. I think we were all kind of bummed that we weren't playing in front of anybody. I think that's why we're here, to play for the fans, play for everybody, not just us.

Q One thing just to refresh Saturday, who was in your threesome that Saturday? And what did you think coming onto the golf course this week, which had the same type of damage?

JIMMY WALKER: They've done a great job. I played with Hunter Mahan and Brendon de Jonge on Saturday. You get here and I can't see anything. They had a full, you know, three, four, five, six, days to get everything back in shape, and you really can't see any damage other than a couple of monster trees down that used to be in a couple spots. But I thought the golf course looked great. 16 took a little damage or 16 green took a little damage on the back, and 18 tee box took a little damage, but they patched all those up. They look fine, you know. I don't think we can really use the back part of 16 anymore, but, you know, we can all kind of play around 18 tee box.

Q You mentioned Brendon. Did you all talk about coming into this tournament you two are the only two that have gone top ten both years with the severe changes they made last year??

JIMMY WALKER: I didn't know that. I can remember coming here last year thinking if I was going to enjoy the golf course as much as I did the year before, because I really did. When I got here, it was, yeah, I really do. It looks good again. I played again today and got the same kind of vibe and feeling. It just, I like it. I like the golf course. But I didn't know about Brendon, you know, two top tens either. I think that's cool. You see a lot of guys, they play well at certain courses. I remember talking to veterans where they said they'd made all their money on four or five tournaments a year where they really felt good.

Q How big, you know, the win at Pete Dye Classic in 2007, how big was that a confidence boost coming into the 2010, the first one here, and then the carryover with the changes last year??

JIMMY WALKER: It's funny, the Pete Dye Golf Club over there is such a different golf course than this. And is it just pure coincidence that I played really well in West Virginia the last three times I've been here? I don't know, but I'll go with it.

Q Jimmy, sort of piggybacking on what you were just talking about, is there to key to contending at this course that may be a little different than other tour stops you guys go to??

JIMMY WALKER: Well, it was different the first year we played here. The greens were real soft and real receptive. It was a lot shorter golf course. Guys were trying to shoot 59 it seemed like every day. Then last year 23 under won that year, and last year 10 under won, something like that. They really changed it, a lot of length. The greens got firmer. They put new greens in. They're still pretty firm, still got that new green feel. I think the greens are fuller this year, they look better. I think they're rolling better than last year. So it will be interesting to see what the scores do. It was interesting last year. It was just a harder golf course than the year before. It was virtually the same layout too, so that's what was interesting about it.

MODERATOR: Anything else? I think that does it, Jimmy. Thank you for stopping by.

JIMMY WALKER: Thank you.