What they said: Bo Van Pelt

July 01, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: AT&T National transcript archive NELSON SILVERIO: Welcome, Bo Van Pelt, to the interview room here at the AT&T National. Pretty hot out there, no spectators. Tell us a little bit about your round.

BO VAN PELT: You know, four birdies, no bogeys, so any time you can go around Congressional without any bogeys, you're pleased.

I felt like I played pretty solid all day, just trying to keep the ball in play. Golf course is brutal, so if you drive it in the rough it's going to be a pretty long day. Found a pretty good rhythm early on with the tee ball, and that was pretty much it.

Q. You're the biggest gallery of the day. How do you feel??

BO VAN PELT: I told Tiger that was a Bo Van Pelt crowd, so I was used to that. I was very comfortable with 10 or 15 people watching me play golf.

No, it was nice to just get it in. I think we're all fortunate that nobody got hurt out here last night. It's a credit to the grounds staff that they got this golf course ready. I'm sure if you saw pictures of what it looked like at midnight the fact that we played golf today is a minor miracle.

Q. What was the best part and what was the worst part of having no spectators??

BO VAN PELT: You know, I think the best part was that it was just about the golf. Sometimes it's just -- I'm sure it's probably enjoyable for Tiger. It was probably like a home round for him to where he could just go play golf and no real distractions out there. I'd say the worst part, I felt like I got cheated on 6 when he chipped that ball in because normal crowd, that would have got really loud. So I'm disappointed I didn't get to hear that cheer when he made that flop shot. Because it's fun; you take energy from that. I remember a couple years ago, we were in one of the last groups at Memorial, and the crowd was huge, and I think we both ended up finishing third, and it was great. It was great to play in that atmosphere. That's why you practice. You take energy from that, and it helps you focus.

Q. Talk about that stretch early when you ran off three birdies in a row.

BO VAN PELT: It was four out of five, but that's all right. I can tell you were paying attention. That's all right, OU.

No, it was good. I hit a good wedge shot in there to 5, and I had a really quick putt. It's one of those you're playing a lot of break, and you just try to get the speed right, and luckily it went in. I hit two really good shots on 6, the par?5.

Q. What was the second club??

BO VAN PELT: 4-iron. I think I had 220 to the front. I think it flew about 228 and rolled just through. I didn't hit a very good first putt out of the fringe there. I thought I misread it. The ball kept breaking to the left and I thought it was going to stay kind of straight once it got up top of the hill. I made a nice putt; I think that kind of kept my momentum going making that birdie putt, to keep my momentum since I had just made birdie on the hole before. 8, I get a good break. That was kind of the only shot I really missed on the front nine in the left rough there, but I missed it bad enough to where it was trampled down a little bit.

I had a perfect 52-degree that was going to land probably five or six yards on and just kind of work its way up, and it did, and I think I was second to last to putt. I got to see Cameron first to help my read a little bit, and that was probably the best speed I had all week on that put because it had a little bit of break and you had to have the speed just right.

On 9 I hit a really good drive. I had the exact same yardage I had yesterday and I hit 3-wood. I had 260 to the front. I probably hit the best 3-wood I've ever hit yesterday, landed two yards on the green and it went over in a really nasty lie and I was able to get it up-and-down, but I told my caddie chain I we hit the best shot we've ever hit, and it didn't even get on the green, so maybe we ought to just lay up. So I decided to lay up and had a good number and hit a good wedge shot in there. I had a dead straight putt from like eight feet, so just kind of stayed still on that one and got it in.

Q. Compared to the first two days was it a little bit easier today because of the rain or not??

BO VAN PELT: Greens were a little softer in spots. There were a couple greens that were still firm, but there were a couple greens where the pins where you knew the ball was probably going to spin so it was a little easier if you had to come out of the rough or if you had a short iron in, you knew you could be a little more aggressive. But it was marginally different. They were still pretty firm in spots.

Q. What was your first visual today that was an eye-opener of what had happened??

BO VAN PELT: That little spot right there like between 2 and 4, some of those trees that were down in the middle there. Those were trees that have been probably around 100 years. They've survived a lot of storms. The fact that one knocked them down just shows you how powerful it was and that Mother Nature is no joke when she wants to rear up.

NELSON SILVERIO: Bo Van Pelt, thanks.