What they said: Jimmy Walker

June 29, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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NELSON SILVERIO: Let's welcome Jimmy Walker to the media center here at the AT&T National. You followed up a 68 yesterday with a 69 today. Talk about your round and compare conditions between yesterday and today.

JIMMY WALKER: I didn't quite hit it as good today as I did yesterday but got a lot out of the round, got pretty much everything out of the round I could have gotten out of it, lots of good up and downs, lots of good putts. I played steady around the back, my front, and then on the front nine, my back, just a little, just missed some fairways by 10 feet, right in the thick stuff, and I had some tough shots out of the rough but got it around and hit it in spots that I could get up and down from, short of the green, in front of the green, tried to keep it in the fairway, that type of stuff.

Q. How would you describe the setup of the course today, hole locations, tees, etcetera??

JIMMY WALKER: I thought it was pretty challenging. They stuck some pins, and you're always so conscious about trying to leave it in the fat part, not short-side yourself here, because if you do, you can't get up and down. I just don't see it happening. So you're always kind of trying to play towards the fats. There's not going to be a bunch of birdies, so I think pars are at a premium. And then when you do hit a good shot in there, you need to capitalize.

They moved some tees up today, they moved a couple back. So I thought it played about similar to yesterday. I think the fairways were a little slower this morning than when we finished last night, but the greens were still very firm.

Q. Were you expecting the tee to be moved up on 12 today??

JIMMY WALKER: No, not really. We caught a break yesterday. It was a little downwind when we played it. But today, I hit a really good 3-wood around the corner and had a 60-degree in. That was a nice little break. It's just a lot of good holes, just a lot of big holes, and you've just got to hit good shots.

Q. You've only had one bogey in 36 holes here on a course that a lot of people are saying is playing tougher than it did in the U.S. Open. What's been your key to staying so consistent??

JIMMY WALKER: Yesterday I drove it really well. I hit a lot of fairways, and I was able to control the ball going into the green. Today it was a lot more defensive. I wasn't hitting as many fairways, and I was really trying to put my second shots in spots where I could get up and down, not trying to force it maybe up onto the green if I didn't have a shot, try to get it just in front, get it in the fairway, get it somewhere where I could put some spin on the ball and try to control it.

There's a lot of sand in the bunkers, so I'm not saying that bunker shots are easy this week. They're pretty tough. It's tough to spin it out of them because they're so fluffy. Fairways are huge, even on third shots.

Q. Talk about how the heat affected you.

JIMMY WALKER: It's hot. I haven't played in this much heat since last year. I played that tournament in Malaysia, and it was the hottest I've ever been. But we're coming into summer and it's hot, and it's going to be real humid here this weekend. You've just got to stay hydrated.

We've been doing this a long time. We know how to battle through the heat and stay hydrated, take your hydration pills and little mixed drinks. Lots of guys are really into that. So I think everybody out here does a good job. It's the fans you've got to worry about because they're out walking around and they don't get into this type of stuff and get out and walk in it too much. They're the ones that have really got to do a good job about hydrating, and I think the tournament is doing a good job, too, because you look at the leaderboards and they keep putting up reminders about drink, stay hydrated, you're going to need it. I saw one lady that went down today, and I'm pretty sure it was probably from dehydration.