What they said: Robert Garrigus

June 29, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. What happened to your caddie??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: He cut his head on the caddie trailer yesterday afternoon before my tee time. Paul Cisco (phon.) caddied for me yesterday. He's been out here for a while, so it was nice to have a TOUR caddie out here. I didn't think he was going to be able to go today, and it kind of kept my mind off of golf. I was thinking about him all day.

I love this golf course, and I'm playing well.

Q. You are playing well obviously, and this is a very difficult test this week. Was it any easier this morning than it was yesterday afternoon??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: A little bit, maybe two strokes, just because the first nine holes you could spin it a little bit. I hit lob wedge into 18 and spun it back to a foot. I don't think I've ever done that before. I almost did it at the U.S. Open, hit sand wedge in. But they had the tees up on a couple holes so it was a little bit easier, but not much. It's still a very, very tough golf course, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Can they maintain the fire in these greens??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: It's unbelievable, yeah, I think they will. If there's no rain, it's going to be something else. If you get short sided out here, you're dead. There are also a few holes where you can feed it into the hole where they put it. They put a couple of those pins and those holes over there, you can spin it around it, it's going to back off of them. When they get it on the ridges, it's a lot more difficult.

Looking forward to this weekend.

Q. Is this a golf course that you can take advantage of your length??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Absolutely. I hit 7 wood into 18 or 9, excuse me. And like I said, I hit lob wedge into 18, I hit 6 iron into 16. When I'm hitting it straight, I can take advantage of pretty much any golf course, especially this one.

Q. Talk about how you think the round went.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, it kind of started out started early. I hit it really close on 10, hit it to about seven feet and missed it; hit a good shot on 11, made a good par; stuffed it on 12; hit it 20 feet on 13; made a good par on 14; 15 kind of hit a bad tee shot and made bogey.

But all in all hit 6 iron into 17; hit 7 iron into 5, the par 5, or 6 into the par 5; and hit 7 wood into 9; and birdied all the par 5s. And when I do that, I usually play pretty well.

I made some good putts for par, kept me going out there today. At one point I think I didn't make a par for about six or seven holes. It was kind of back and forth. But it was a lot of fun.

Q. Can you talk about your caddie? He's heavily bandaged.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, my caddie yesterday morning, or afternoon, it was about noon, and I get a call from him, I'm like, what the heck is he calling me for, he usually never calls me until I see him on the range or whatever. It was another caddie, it was DJ, Heath Slocum's caddie, told me he cut his head open on the caddie trailer and he's got to go to the hospital. I'm like, well, okay. I was scrambling trying to figure out who's going to caddie for me. Paul Cisco (phon.) who's caddied out here for Vijay and for Mark Brooks and some guys, he was out here for some reason, and that was kind of a blessing because he's a good caddie. He got me around yesterday. We had some fun. My caddie had 40 stitches put in yesterday at about 3:00, and he was out here this morning at 7:00 ready to go.

That's pretty gutsy.

Q. Tell everybody his name.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Brent Henley. He's the brother of Kip Henley, but I call him Brent because everybody says Kip's brother. It's Brent, and yeah, I'm glad he was out here. We had a good time. He's a good caddie a great caddie and a good dude. We get along well. I'm glad he was out here today.

Q. (Inaudible.)

ROBERT GARRIGUS: It's great. It's just a share of the lead on Friday, but it's a good spot to be in. It's better than missing the cut.

Q. Is the heat more of a mental test or a physical test??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: I think it's a mental thing because we're all physically fit for the most part. I'm a lot more physically fit than I used to be. If you can just mentally just put it out of your head my caddie was telling me yesterday, hey, man, just think of the tournaments you've played well in; Tampa it was smoldering; Memphis it was smoldering. You play well in the heat because you don't think about it. It's one of those things where if you can just get past the fact that you're dripping sweat all over your golf ball, you can block it out. It makes a big, big difference.

And now that I've lost 25 pounds I'm not carrying around that much weight anymore.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Should be fun.

Q. Is there anything you need to do better this weekend??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: I could hit it a little bit straighter. On the easier tee shots I felt like I lost concentration a couple times, on the birdie holes. I mis clubbed a couple times today, but all in all, there's nothing I'm going to do to I just need to concentrate a little bit more. I'm hitting it great, and I'm rolling it good. I love these greens, and I'm looking forward to this weekend.

Q. Can you kind of talk about last year you finished third at the U.S. Open out here. Does this course fit your eye??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: You know, everything about this course fits my eye. There's a lot of places on the greens that you can err and make a par or even have a chance at birdie, and they're big enough where you have a hole to hit it to. That's one of the biggest things. I love the way all the tee shots set up. If I'm playing well and swinging it good, I feel like I can hit every fairway, just the way everything sets up. It's set up the rough cuts and everything, they give you perfect targets, everything out here. There's stuff to aim at. That's what I love. I just love the place.

Q. Now, did you play Tiger's event when it was here in '08??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Oh, yeah, I've played here every year.

Q. Any history before that??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: I think I've finished 25th and 23rd and I was in the last group in maybe 2009, I think I was in the last group or second to last group and I was playing well. I didn't play well on Sunday. But I love this place. It's awesome.

Q. What about before that? They used to have a British Open qualifier here. Did you ever play in that?

ROBERT GARRIGUS: I played in it one time, and I think that was before the changes, and I played it one time, and I loved it then. I didn't play well, but it was raining and windy. I feel like this is my kind of course.