What they said: John Rollins

June 23, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Do you want to just talk a little bit about your round, 10 under heading into Sunday. Obviously you're in great position.

JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, I played good today, really got a you know, got a good score out of it. I got off to a pretty good start and just really wasn't I didn't feel like I was really clicking with my iron game today, but I kind of hung in there and still managed to hit some greens, but I just wasn't hitting it very close to the hole and had one bad swing there on 8 that cost me a double there. I hit it in the water there. That was kind of a tough one to swallow, but I bounced back well, birdied 9 and then birdied 11, got back on track and just kind of hung in there. Birdied 16 and 17, made a couple bombs and got myself back in position.

Q. I should have done my homework. How many holes did you play today??

JOHN ROLLINS: I just played 18.

Q. You just had 18 today??


Q. Okay. Nobody seems to be stressing themselves out of the field. Looks like tons of golfers have a chance tomorrow. Can you talk about why that might be??

JOHN ROLLINS: Well, obviously the course is soft. You know, with all the rain that we had from yesterday and last night.

You know, it was playing a little different in that some of the shots were spinning, where the first couple of days you didn't really have to worry about balls coming racing back on some of the ridges and all, and today you kind of had that out there.

But you know, I think it's just the pressure of the moment. You know, I think it's just trying to get in position, and it was a little bit breezy there, you know, midway through the round. The wind kind of picked up and made it kind of tough at times because we didn't really think we were going to have that much wind and then all of a sudden you get these 15, 20 mile an hour gusts coming around and it just made some holes and shots play different than what we've seen, so I'm sure that may have fooled some guys out there.

Q. It's supposed to be good weather again tomorrow, soft greens. How low do you think people are going to have to go to pull it out??

JOHN ROLLINS: It's hard to tell. I've seen some of the dots where the pins are going to be tomorrow. Some of them look interesting. So it should be a challenge to get it close to some of the holes, so it's going to probably take a guy making some 15 20 footers for birdie and then taking advantage of some of the shorter holes, par 5s and 15, obviously when you get No. 2 and 15, you can drive it up by the green or on the green, you feel like you need to be making birdies.

But I predict somebody is going to shoot a low number tomorrow and get up there, so who knows. Just play our game and see what happens.