What they said: Fredrik Jacobson

June 22, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Travelers Championship transcript archive JOHN BUSH: Okay. We'd like to welcome Fredrik Jacobson into the interview room after a 4-under par 66. Stands at 9-under par 131, exact same total you were last year at this point. Just comment on another good day.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah. Well, started off really good today. It was nice to get into a good start and get things running straightaway. So happy, really happy with being 4-under through four holes.

Probably would have liked to have a couple of more as the day went on, but overall played really steady and made a few putts and a couple of good saves also along the way.

JOHN BUSH: Take us through that stretch, 11, 12 and 13, your start.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, 11 I made like a good 15-footer, hit a wedge in there on the par� 3; and the next hole, hit a driver down the hill and had only 66 yards to the flag. And next hole was a driver and left side of the fairway, hit a 5-wood out probably 30, 35 feet short of the flag or something and made that one for an eagle. That was it.

JOHN BUSH: What yardage did you have on 13, the 5-wood?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I hit about 5-wood. I knew I had 230 over the water. I probably had like 255, 260-flag. But yeah, it was like I needed to flag 230, 235.

JOHN BUSH: And lastly, the bogey on the last hole, take us through that.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah. Well, I was in a good position with the tee shot and was playing a little into the wind, was going to hit a full nine, and felt like the wind laid down a little when I was over it, so I took a little off and left it in a kind of tricky position, one of those -- you obviously can two-putt from there and probably should most of the time, but it certainly opened up the possibility for a three-putt where I left it, I should have probably hit it level or passed it in there for an easier putt.

JOHN BUSH: Okay. All right. We will pass the microphone around for questions.

Q. Fredrik, the scores the same. Do you feel like you're playing the same way as you did last year at this time??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah. I think I am. It's going to be tough to drive it the way I did the last two rounds last year where I didn't miss a fairway. So I'm not going to try to chase that. But yeah, probably have been playing about the same as I did the first couple of days last year.

Q. With all the talk over the last two days of Webb and Bubba being here and everything you've kind of been flying under the radar a little bit. Do you like that??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I mean I don't necessarily feel like I have to be in the spotlight. We've had really good support out here. The staff has been great, so I think my reception here coming back as a defending champion has been awesome, it's been a great experience to come back and a lot of people rooting for me, too.

I've had a lot of fun with that, and we've had Bubba and Webb be in the group behind. So it's been a good atmosphere out there. It's been a lot of fun.

Q. Just curious if it's more, you know, this course suits your game or is it more having played welcoming off the U. S. Open, obviously a very difficult golf course, and being dialed in there and taking that series. Is it that or more this course kind of fits your eye better??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I think it's more the way I'm playing than with the course. I think last year I really felt like things started to click at the U. S. Open coming into -- you know, I'd been doing fairly well in Memphis. Last year I played solid at the Open. Similar this time.

I think any course you gotta feel like you hit the ball well and you gotta keep doing it and be consistent. So I do like the course, but I did that the first three, four times when I came here I missed the cut, too. I did like the course. So I think it's more important the way I'm playing.

Q. How difficult is it to end the way you did? You played a good round and to end on 9, is that something that'll stick with you?

FREDRIK JACOBSON: No. I think I'll be all right, but you know, obviously you always want to finish -- you want to finish in style and round it off. You know, hopefully I was lucky to have a look for a three at the last. But it is what it is. I tried my hardest on all of them, and you're going to have some hiccups during 72 holes. Just don't have too many.

Q. Fredrik, you mentioned the U. S. Open. You're obviously in contention throughout the entire tournament last week. Is it easier to come to a place that's sort of easier conditions or is it difficult to make that transition to a different tournament??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, you know, it feels good to have some more birdie chances. You play U. S. Open. I like that kind of golf. But you play for four days and you grind it out. It's nice to have a couple of holes where you feel like if you hit the shot you have some good chance to make some birdies. So you know, I do enjoy that, the week after, to play a course that sets up a little bit more to give us a chance to score.

Q. I probably know the answer to this, but is there any similarities between the Olympic Club and here??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, I mean, not too many, but I mean it's playing -- fairways are playing fairly firm here as well. Not quite as firm as they were there, but we are getting some run here, too. But greens are certainly a lot more receptive here, and because of the heat they gotta keep them that way, too. But otherwise it's quite different.

Q. You touched on your performance last � � the weekend last year. Was there something about yourself, your game or the course that you learned last year that'll help you this weekend??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Yeah, I think so. I mean I tried not to be too worried about the outcome, you know, just try to stay with my game plan and with what I was doing and hitting all those shots, and that's what I'm looking forward to do as well, not worry about the leader boards and just try to hit as many good shots and as many good putts as I can. So I think I did that really well last year, and I didn't get too carried away with it, stayed pretty even, and I felt comfortable. So I'll just try to really focus on one shot at a time here like I did last year.

Q. In 61 years there's only been one champion who's ever successfully defended here. Is it harder to defend??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I haven't done it too often. (Laughs). This is the first time for me, so I mean I don't know. We're only at the halfway mark. It's easy to start -- you know, you play well for a couple of days, it's easy to start thinking about the finish line already, and I can see that.

I don't know. I mean I think a lot of guys come back and probably play well. It's obviously tough to win a tournament no matter whether -- any tournament it's tough to win. To win two in a row is probably tougher. But you know, you have the thing going for you that you have some good memories to draw from, so hopefully that allows a little bit to increase your chances.

JOHN BUSH: All right, Fredrik. We appreciate your time.