What they said: Will Claxton

June 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You certainly got off to a good start today.

WILL CLAXTON: I did. Started out birdie, eagle. So you can't ask for much better than that.

Q. Really. What does that do for your confidence??

WILL CLAXTON: You know, it's been a couple of weeks since I played and it's been a little longer than that since I really got it going and played well. So to start out birdie, eagle, that's huge.

I obviously had the driver going. I drove the ball well today, so it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be.

Q. How were the course conditions out there??

WILL CLAXTON: It's perfect. The greens are in perfect shape. You can definitely score out there if you hit some good shots, but you gotta hit the fairways and you gotta hit some good shots.

Q. Speaking of 65, obviously very good. How good do you think it's going to be by the time the day is done??

WILL CLAXTON: There's no telling. I try to stay away from guessing at things like that. So no telling.

Q. How about the heat? I imagine this is just another day at the office.

WILL CLAXTON: Being from Auburn, Alabama I'm kind of used to this, so I felt like I was back at home.

Q. Take me through the birdie and the eagle, those first two holes. What did you hit??

WILL CLAXTON: Well, first hole, obviously a driver off the tee. I think I hit a gap wedge in there. Hit a good shot. Kind of what we and my caddie had in mind, four or five feet behind the hole. Made a nice putt.

And the next hole, you know, when we played the practice round, it was soft out here and the ball wasn't carrying very far. Obviously a lot cooler. Air was a little heavier, and I'd hit driver on 2 to have like 70 yards, 80 yards, whatever I had. So he told me to hit 3 wood, and I was thinking maybe it's a hybrid, I was going to get too close to the green to be able to spin it. And I ended up hitting a real good 3 wood down there. I'm guessing I had 50 yards. My memory is terrible, so I apologize. And a little closer than I would have wanted, but the shot just came off perfect.

Q. Talk a little bit about your season up to this point. A lot of made cuts.

WILL CLAXTON: Yeah, you know, it's been a learning process with myself, just when to practice, how much to practice and when to do each. But up to this point I'm satisfied with where I'm at. You obviously, as human nature, you always want more. I've been able to make cuts, just haven't been able to move on the weekend. So obviously the goal is to continue to play well on into the weekend.

Q. All right. Well, you birdie the first, you hole out for eagle at the second. Any thoughts of just saying, that's enough. We'll just stop there, or do you want to keep that roll going??

WILL CLAXTON: Well, you definitely want to try to keep it going. I mean things like that you know you're not going to get good breaks like that all day, but definitely you get some momentum when things like that happen and you don't feel like you can miss the entire day, which is a great feeling.

Q. You didn't miss a fairway all day. 14 for 14. That's a key here.

WILL CLAXTON: That is the key. I mean you've gotta get the ball in the fairway here to even have a chance to hit it on these greens. It definitely tucked the pins close to the corners and when you miss greens out here, it's just difficult to chip it close.

Q. You're drawing a little extra something out of Jason Dufner's success here. You Auburn guys are the new powers on TOUR??

WILL CLAXTON: I certainly hope so. I would love to get a little of what he's going on right now.

Q. Do you two talk at all??

WILL CLAXTON: Oh, yeah. We hang a great deal. We play a good bit together back home, and he's definitely helped me a lot out here, just getting comfortable being out here in general.

Q. Are you getting more comfortable? This is I think your 18th event of the season?

WILL CLAXTON: Yeah. I'm definitely getting more and more comfortable. I think the hardest thing for me that I was just speaking to him about is just knowing when to practice, what to do and when to do it. Like you almost over work yourself before Thursday comes around, so let alone Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Fairly simple golf course to get to learn.

WILL CLAXTON: It is. It's pretty simple. Just what you said, you gotta hit it in the fairway. So that alone is pretty simple.

Q. Freddie Jacobson hit the last 29 of them last year and won the tournament. So you're 14 for 14. Keep it up??

WILL CLAXTON: I hope so.