What they said: Nick O'Hern

June 09, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DOUG MILNE: Okay. Nick O'Hern, thanks for joining us for a few minutes after having a successful round three, second consecutive 68, 2-under today -- 67. My bad. Shortchanged here. Just some comments on how you're feeling after two, three rounds here at the TPC Southwind.

NICK O'HERN: Pretty good, obviously. My front-9 today I did not play very well at all. Hit probably 33 greens in regulation, but that was probably one of the best nine holes I played out there.

I think I hit the ball in the water on 12. Hit a 7-iron into the green and something clicked in my golf swing and away I went. I was glad to hang in there all that time. Finally something happened and made some birdies coming home.

That's kind of the name of the game is to not give up, I guess, when you're playing bad and good things can happen, which is what happened today.

DOUG MILNE: With that, we'll go ahead and take some questions.

Q. Nick, when you say something clicked, specifically what was going right with your game at that point??

NICK O'HERN: I guess the thing that clicked, I just started hitting everything hard. I think when you swing harder, everything kind of matches up. My arms and body weren't cooperating today as well as my mind. So, when that happens, it's obviously the ball can go anywhere. That's what happened.

Three fairways, three greens on the front-9 is not very good. Once I realized that, I just started hitting the ball harder and get some speed up. I started hitting the ball well again. It's a funny game that way.

Q. Nick, winds were pretty gusty out there. How tough does that make playing today overall? Seems like it's anybody's race at this point with 18 to go tomorrow.

NICK O'HERN: Yeah. There's a lot of guys out there, I think. The wind is a big factor on this golf course. It's not long, but that's the beauty of golf courses when they have a bit of wind and also firm greens. That's the key factor these days. Length of golf course isn't it. Make the greens firmer, the scores will go up. This is a testament to that. Great shape. Not a lot of rough. Plenty of hazards around the corner. Lot of good players out there, going to take a good round tomorrow.

Q. Nick, your third start here. What is it about this course? Is there something about it that you like?

NICK O'HERN: I think in the years past I've played, it's been quite soft. This year it's a lot stronger. Growing up in Australia, we tend to play in firm conditions. Last couple of times I think the weather hasn't been great as far as it's made the course very soft. Hopefully, the rain will stay away tomorrow, but I'm not sure.

Q. Nick, you said on one of the holes on the back was fit for a lefty. Just talk a little bit about that.

NICK O'HERN: The 14th hole, I think the par 3. Reminds me of the 12 at Augusta where the green angles from front left to back right. And for a left-handed golfer, if you pull the ball, you tend to go long right, which is okay. If you block it, you tend to go short left, which is okay. It fits my eye a lot better, I'm pretty sure, than the right-handed golfers.

I hit a nice shot in there and made about a 11, 12-footer for birdie. 3 is a good score, but 2 is a bonus.

DOUG MILNE: Okay. All right. Thanks, Nick. We appreciate your time.