What they said: Arjun Atwal

June 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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ARJUN ATWAL: I've been struggling all year, so not bad.

Q. Arjun, your own words, "struggling all year." You come to a hard golf course and shoot a good round. That's got to really make you feel good.

ARJUN ATWAL: It does, actually. I've actually started to hit it a little better the last few weeks I've been out. You know, just building on that. It's a good score to have on this golf course.

Q. Tell me about it, 3-under par. The wind, the guys seem to be saying, man, it keeps getting blustery. Coming from the right direction, but it's just up and down a lot and the greens are firm.

ARJUN ATWAL: It could lay down or gust at about 15. The ball could be in the air and gusts. You have no control over that. You know, it's just really tough out there. This golf course is always a good challenge. It was a tough day.

Q. Did you guys play, seems the greens sped up overnight. They had some fire this morning.

ARJUN ATWAL: I didn't play a practice round. I was playing the 36-hole qualifier at Germantown Country Club for the U.S. Open. I haven't played a practice round.

Q. Did you get through qualifiers??

ARJUN ATWAL: I missed by two.

Q. Great playing. That was a solid 67.

ARJUN ATWAL: Thank you.

Q. This was your first look at the course today??

ARJUN ATWAL: I played here before, but I haven't played in a few years. So the golf course you can't forget. Every hole is unique, but, yeah, no practice round this week.

Q. What worked well??

ARJUN ATWAL: Just keeping the ball in front of me. I hit a couple of loose shots, got it up and down, but, you know, just not making any big numbers because this golf course can do that, just -- putting pretty solid, too.

Q. That's the way you want to finish on 18, bringing it as you get ready for tomorrow??

ARJUN ATWAL: Yeah. It was a good birdie on 18. I never hit driver off that tee, and, you know, the fairway is a little bit softer this year because of the rain. Took a driver off the tee, pretty aggressive play. 8-iron, birdie. Yeah. Good.

Q. Lead at 4. You're at 3. Some strokes left out there. Do you like where you are right now??

ARJUN ATWAL: Yeah. I've been struggling all year. I'll take 3 on a tough golf course any day.