What they said: Daniel Summerhays

June 01, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I would like that, two different starts to a career. It's where my professional golf career started, so I love this town.

Q. How much different was it today? You said that one club on 6 went about --

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, it was much different wind. Yesterday was kind of a southeast to an east, or maybe it was even north, I can't remember now. But it was kind of the opposite. So yesterday on 6 I hit pitching wedge into a back left flag, and today I hit 4-iron into a front right flag. I hit both of the drives really good.

The course is dramatically different. It's getting cold out there. It's not getting any warmer. So it's a challenge for sure, and the greens are still just as fast.

Q. Are you glad you're done now instead of being out there??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, you bet, you bet.

Q. The course that you won at, Scarlet, just after Jack got done with the redesign, is it safe to say that you play well on Nicklaus golf courses??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I've played bad on some Nicklaus golf courses, too. But there's just something about this place, I really love it, or maybe it's just this time of year when my game starts to come into form.

As far as iron plays goes, I think Jack puts a premium on that. The fairways are a bit generous here, but you have to be exact with your iron shots. I've always been a fairly good iron player, placing it in the middle of the greens and where you need to put it, so that helps me on this golf course.

Q. How soon after the Nationwide win did you turn pro??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: That night. I kind of made that decision. I only had a few classes to graduate, so it was kind of a no-brainer. I was going to try Q-school that year anyway, and I just finished up my degree over the winter. It was the best of both worlds.

Q. How are you a different golfer now than you were five years ago??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I definitely think -- I think my mechanics are much better, especially with my golf swing. I've been working a lot with Grant Waite. He's been a good mentor and teacher for me. And I think my mechanics are a lot better on my long game to where I know kind of how to problem solve and fix my swing when things get off, as they always do.

And then I think just the daily motions of professional golf. You know where to be and what to do and how to act and things like that. I think I'm definitely more experienced, and yeah, I think I'm a better player for sure.

Q. Considering the number of times that the Nationwide is going to be mentioned in the stories concerning you, are you looking for a sponsorship maybe??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I'll take any sponsorship I can get. When I won my -- my favorite, when I won in Columbus was "the life comes at you fast," that tag line they used to have, and it did. I had just been married for a year and a half. I won the tournament, we got pregnant, everything like that. So life came at me really fast that way.

Q. You were traveling and --

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: We were in the car at the time. Now we're three years into our motor home experience.

Q. You're still doing it??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Still doing it. Yeah, we just had our third boy just two weeks ago, so the motor home has been in storage for the last couple months, but it's coming back in full force here in a couple weeks.

Q. So you've been flying??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, yeah, we've been flying a little bit. I just wanted to be mobile with my wife being great with child.

Q. How old are the kids??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Four, two and a half, and now two weeks, all boys, so we've got our hands full. But they're my crown jewel in my life, they really are. I kind of get choked up when I talk about them. Yeah, Jack and Pat and then William, they're the light of my life, and it's all worth it.

Q. How do you get your rest??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: They energize me. I've got an amazing wife, too, and Emily does everything. She's a great caretaker to the boys, and she's so supportive of me. I feel really blessed in my life to have this profession and at the same time be able to have my family with me as much as I do.

Q. You played in Columbus obviously, did the Nationwide Tour for a number of years. Do you have sort of a routine that you go through when you're in town??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Not really. I've stayed in the motor home a couple years, I've stayed with a host family a couple years, I've stayed in a hotel, so it's always a bit different. But I know where things are and how to get places and it's all familiar to me. It's a great city, and I obviously love coming to play golf here.

Q. So this is your second time playing the Memorial??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, I played last year, my rookie year.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Four times, 2007 to 2010, so I've logged a few rounds out there.

Q. (Inaudible.)

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, I finished fifth on the Money List that year.

Q. Even though you went to BYU have you found yourself following Buckeye sports??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: For sure. After I won here this was kind of a little bit softer spot in my heart. I imagine if they played the Utes or the Cougars I'd probably have to cheer for them.

Q. What are your plans playing from here through the British Open??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: I don't know. It can all change so fast. I've got U.S. Open qualifying on Monday, and that will determine if I play the tournament next week in Memphis or get ready for the U.S. Open, but I'm planning on playing those four consecutive: The Travelers, AT&T National, Greenbrier and John Deere.

Q. Have you been there before, to Greenbrier??


Q. Up in West Virginia??

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Well, my family is from West Virginia, so we actually had a big family reunion there last year in Greenbrier County, and we stayed in Lewisburg there. That's where my grandmother grew up. I still have family there, the Patton family. West Virginia mountain mama.

Q. Your grandmother on your --

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Dad's side, and I actually named my son after her, Patton is his name. It's going to be crazy. I'm sure Mr.Justice is going to have the red carpet out, right?