What they said: Scott Stallings

June 01, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: the Memorial Tournament transcript archive SCOTT STALLINGS: I mean, it felt pretty good. I definitely felt like I left a few out there the last five or six holes, burned a lot of edges coming in, but I hit a lot of really good shots. I know if I keep putting the ball in play and having opportunities, we'll be there when we need to be.

But just happy to be done. It was a long day. I've been here since 6:30, and the stopping and going and the golf course changing every five minutes, I was telling the guys over there, the golf course that I knew, it's like I've never played here before. You obviously know the greens and this and that, but I mean, all the other stuff that goes into it, I might as well have not even played a practice round if it's going to be like this.

Q. Mentally how big a challenge is it when you practice a course and it's completely different??

SCOTT STALLINGS: I mean, obviously you have an idea of like how you want to attack each hole and this and that, but the wind completely changed, the fairways were not running, the greens were a lot softer, they were a lot faster. So you kind of had to be pretty creative in how you were going about it. You have an idea how you want to play each hole, but at the end of the day, every single hole seemed like it was changing.

Q. You played last year in your first Memorial, and you came in here this year and played it in totally different conditions. Does it suit you maybe better than other courses??

SCOTT STALLINGS: I don't know if it suits me better, but I like it a lot. As soon as I played my first practice round here, all the sight lines off the tee were really good, and Jack Nicklaus is definitely the standard that we're all compared to in terms of golf and our careers and stuff like that. So any opportunity to play anything with his name on it is an honor, and it's definitely something that we as professionals shouldn't take for granted and enjoy it. His golf course is awesome, and I really enjoy playing it.

Q. Would you rather have what happened, where you're done? These guys that go out at 3:00 --

SCOTT STALLINGS: I'm glad to be done. You can't really do much with the tee times. It is what it is, whether you want to play late-early or early-late, you're going to get enough of both.

But I'm happy to be done, I'm happy to be finished. I haven't had a weekend tee time in a long time, so yeah, definitely will enjoy some rest this afternoon and try to be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. What kind of challenges will they see out there? What was the course like as you were coming in?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Super soft and long, and the wind was kind of coming -- the wind that was forecasted was not there. It was supposed to be coming out of the south most of the day, and it kept turning around, and it seemed like it couldn't make up its mind the whole day.

Q. Are there some holes where you were hitting entirely different clubs today than yesterday??

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah, I mean, perfect example was 4. Today I ripped a 5-iron, yesterday I chipped an 8-iron, just completely different with the wind and the firm greens.

Q. Which putt was the toughest miss coming down the stretch??

SCOTT STALLINGS: All of them (laughing). You know, when the greens get soft, they're going to pick up spike marks and stuff like that. Unfortunately I had one pretty big one in the middle of my line, and if you saw the putt rolling it just went straight right. That's going to happen, but every putt I hit, I hit where I wanted to, so that's really all you can do.

Q. Could you explain the difference in your life that the Greenbrier made last year and what that meant to you and how it made the change for you??

SCOTT STALLINGS: I mean, it completely changed my life. I went from a rookie on the PGA TOUR just trying to keep my card to a winner, and basically for the first time in my professional career, having some sort of stability, and kind of knowing where I'm going to be for the next couple years and kind of being able to build upon it.

Yeah, winning definitely changes everything. You want to -- once you've had a piece of it, you can't wait to do it again.

Q. When you go back, do you go back now with a certain amount of added confidence or feeling like you know you belong here??

SCOTT STALLINGS: I mean, you know you've done it before, but at the end of the day, my play up until now has been very lackluster, to say the least. Being injured is obviously unfortunate and there's a lot of stuff that goes along with it. At the end of the day I'm definitely looking forward to getting back, and there's a lot of golf to play here and there's a couple other events I'm really excited about playing before then.

Q. What does it mean to be leader, co-leader, going into the weekend??

SCOTT STALLINGS: It's awesome. I mean, that's what we play for. That's what we practice for. Any opportunity to get out there and play and compete to win a golf tournament, especially a golf tournament with Jack Nicklaus's name on it, it's exciting, and definitely look forward to getting out there.

Q. (Inaudible.)

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah, I definitely felt like my game was right in form. My coach came into town for three days and we kind of got after it pretty good and had some long days on the range. He wasn't really concerned about my golf swing or anything like that, he was more or less just trying to make sure I was confident and when I stepped on the tee I was prepared to play, and that was kind of all we really talked about.