What they said: Spencer Levin

May 31, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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COLIN MURRAY: We'd like to welcome Spencer Levin here to the interview room at the Memorial Tournament, 5-under 67 to start the event here. A little hiccup on the last but overall you have to be pleased with the start. Give us a few comments on the round.

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah, I haven't talked to you guys in a while. I must not have been playing that good. But nice to be back in here again.

Yeah, it was a good day. I just had some good things happen early in the round, some nice par saves, and I doubled 16, hit it in the water. But after that I kept my head together. I got up-and-down on 17, which kind of kept me going. And then from about 3 on, I started -- I think I was one-putting pretty much every hole after that, so I was kind of hanging in there to be 1-under. Then I birdied 3 to go 2-under, and I made everything from there on in, which made it a 5-under round.

COLIN MURRAY: Can you talk a little bit about the eagle there on 7?

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah, I hit a good drive and then hit a 3-wood right in the middle of the green. Those are two of the best swings I made all day pretty much. And then I was feeling good with the putter, had a relatively straight putt. It was just an outside left putt straight up the hill, and I hit it perfect and it went in, and all of a sudden you're 5-under, and it's pretty cool.

Q. How far??

SPENCER LEVIN: It was probably 20 feet, 25 feet, something like that.

Q. Obviously a really good round. That bogey at the last kind of leave a bitter taste in your mouth??

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah, absolutely, it always does. But I made two bombs the two holes before that, which kind of adds up. But I'm sure if I two-putt one of those and make the putt at the last, I'd feel great about it.

But no, I can't ask for more. I haven't been playing well the last couple months at all, and I still don't feel like I'm hitting it that great. I don't know, sometimes you need rounds like this to turn it around. Hopefully I'll keep it going.

Obviously I'm leading the tournament -- I don't know if I'm leading the tournament or not, but 5-under, obviously I'd take that today. I haven't shot a round this good -- this course is harder than some of the ones we've been playing, but I'm really happy about it, actually.

Q. You said you hadn't been in here in a while. At the beginning of the season you were in here a lot. What's been different from the beginning of the season until now??

SPENCER LEVIN: I don't know. I guess that's just the way this game is for 99 percent of golfers maybe. Maybe for Tiger or some of the best players of all time, maybe Jack, those guys, they play well all the time. But it's -- at least nine out of ten guys have ups and downs throughout the year, and I guess it's been a little lull, but it can turn around quick in this game. You see it all the time, so hopefully I can get back to playing well and shooting good scores again.

Q. You doubled 16 just before you came in. We saw Mickelson and Bubba both hit it in the water at 16. There's been some big numbers today. What is the most difficult thing about trying to play this course today??

SPENCER LEVIN: Well, for me, I wouldn't say I'm short off the tee. I'm probably pretty average. But to hold the greens on some shots is pretty hard. That 16th hole is a hard hole, especially where they have the pin. You pull it at all, you're in the water, and if you miss it right, it's hard to get it up-and-down. That's just a really, really hard shot. It's 180-something yard shot, but just the way it looks and the water and everything.

But all in all for me, probably just holding the greens when they're firm. I could use a little rain; that would be nice for me, just to maybe stop some iron shots, so I'm praying for a little rain.

Yeah, for me, and I don't know about the majority of the field, but for me it was just holding the greens. Some of the longer guys probably don't have a hard time with it, but that would be the hardest thing for the most part.

Q. You said your putter was good, too, today. Give us an example of some of the lengths besides that 25-footer??

SPENCER LEVIN: There was a lot of -- I made a bomb on 11, had to be 30-something feet. Probably made about a six- or seven-footer on 12; probably about an eight-footer on 13; chipped in from 50 feet on 14; made a short one on 15; 17 got up-and-down.

And then on 3 I made one from the fringe from about 15 feet; on 4 I hit it in the left bunker and you hardly have a shot and I flipped it out to about a foot. That was probably my best shot of the day, non-putt-wise. Made about a 15-footer on the next hole, 25-footer, 25-footer. They were going in from everywhere today, so it was fun.

Q. One thing I just noticed: Does the RIP in Wealth Advisors stand for what I think --

SPENCER LEVIN: RLP. (Laughter.) They're good, too, FYI. FYI, RLP is good. Or LP. Did I say "RLP"?

Q. When was the last time you had a putting round like this, please??

SPENCER LEVIN: I can't remember. This is probably the first time in my life. I don't know. Well, I had one -- I don't know. I mean, I putted great at Phoenix for three days, but I was hitting it a little better than I did today, so it wasn't quite as extreme. I was making shorter putts.

But I don't know, this was fun. I haven't putted like that, I can't remember. At least making that long of putts. I don't know, it's fun. They don't happen very often, so it was a good day to do it. Yeah, it was cool.

Q. Since you brought up Phoenix, I'm just wondering, I know you played well the next week, but did that -- does that stick in your mind for a while? Do you still think now, gee, I wish I would have -- look, I was that close and didn't get it? Do you carry that with you?

SPENCER LEVIN: Yeah, I go sometimes 15, 20 minutes sometimes without thinking about it. (Laughter.)

No, that was a bummer. I mean, I still think about it from time to time. Not too often. When I'm out playing golf like in the tournament, I don't think about it. I mean, I haven't thought about it -- I might have thought about it the next week a little bit actually playing golf, but off the course from time to time if you're sitting by yourself, hanging out or whatever, I might think about it a little bit.

But it's not an issue when I've been playing. I don't know, I'd like to be in that situation again. That would be great. So hopefully I can -- that's a long ways from now, but who knows; two more good rounds, you never know. So we'll see.

COLIN MURRAY: Spencer, thanks for your time.