What they said: Luke Donald

May 31, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: the Memorial Tournament transcript archive Q. How was it out there today? Just talk a little bit about your round.

LUKE DONALD: Well, hopefully that's my loose round out of the way. I didn't hit the ball well. I was scrambling a lot. But fortunately I putted pretty well, and I'm pretty happy with the score in the end. It wasn't that solid of a round tee to green. I'm going to need to tidy that up.

But at the same point, this course is tricky. There's some tougher pins out there today, I thought, and overall I'll take 1-under and try and play better the next three days.

Q. That was an adventure in your group. Rory had a wild day, too.

LUKE DONALD: It was. It probably wasn't our best golf. There was some opportunities out there. Rory obviously got unstuck early with a 7 on the 12th and fought back pretty well.

Yeah, this course, if you're a little bit off -- Keegan hit it in the water a couple times, I hit it in the water on 18. You've just got to be on your game the whole way around.

Q. Is it the way because you guys aren't used to playing this course this fast??

LUKE DONALD: I feel like we've played this course this fast. It doesn't seem that different to me. We just didn't quite have our best today, that was all.

Q. On the par-5s, were you resigned to playing all of those as three-shots??

LUKE DONALD: No, I can reach all of them with the correct wind directions. I chose not to go for 11 today, I hit a 3-wood off the tee. 15 I had a poor drive. I can reach that one no problem. And 5, 5 will be a 3-wood and a rescue.

I was disappointed I didn't play -- I was 1-under in the end on the par-5s. It could have been worse. I need to give myself more opportunities on those holes because those really are the holes you want to make some birdies on.

Q. Can you talk about your third shot on 5, it was kind of right on the hazard line there??

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, felt really fortunate not to be in the water, and I had a shot, I just had to hook the wedge a little bit and put it where I wanted to, and then he made 4 obviously. It wasn't the prettiest golf tee to green, but it was certainly tidier when I got on the green and around the greens.

Q. What is it about the bunkers? You didn't seem to get as much spin as you normally do.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, a couple times that was technique. A couple times I think the sand is a little bit thicker. There's quite a lot of it, and it -- whenever it's not quite as tight and compact, it's just harder to get spin on it.

Q. How impressed with the comeback were you??

LUKE DONALD: Well, I think considering the circumstances, probably -- obviously Rory having not played very well the last two events probably felt some pressure after he made 7 there. He stuck in well, and to shoot 1-under was a good round.

Q. (Inaudible.)

LUKE DONALD: No, no, I'm good. It's only my second week in a row. I've got plenty left.