What they said: Martin Laird

May 11, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. If there's an upside, today is Friday??

MARTIN LAIRD: Exactly, if there's ever a day you want to do that, it's Thursday or Friday, and not Sunday.

I've just got to take out of it that I just played the last three in four-over par, and I'm still third; so I'm obviously playing some pretty good golf leading up to that. You don't lose that in the space of three holes, so I'll be fine tomorrow.

Q. You got to 10-under at one point. Are you thinking how much separation are you able to get or are you hanging on or what??

MARTIN LAIRD: I saw the board when I made my putt on 15 to get to 10-under and I wasn't thinking separation, but I was a little surprised.

But you know, I hit a great drive down 16. It was one of those ones that I had an absolutely perfect number for a 4-iron. It's one of those ones that you almost wish that you don't, and you play a little safer and I had just a perfect number for a 4-iron.

I hit three or four great iron shots in a row right at the flag and kind of got a little greedy there and tried to fade one in the wind to get it working down the green there to the pin and looking back in hindsight, you just hit it left of that green, you can get up-and-down for birdie all day.

So that was the first mental mistake I've made all week. If you do that on your 15th hole in the second round, you're doing pretty well.

The wind was off the left and I tried to start left of the green and hit a little cut and let the wind take it over and I just cut it too much and the wind-- there's probably a little more wind out there than I thought, too. I probably underestimated how much it would move in the air.

Q. How big was the putt you made on 17??

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah, that was a big one. You don't want to make a six there. Yesterday I had a great number for a wedge. Today I had a horrible number. 9-iron was too much and wedge wasn't enough, so I was trying to kind of hold up a 9-iron against the wind. And just hit it middle of the green and I just didn't hit it solid enough and the wind just ate it up and didn't get there.

You know, you don't want to walk off that hole with a six. Making a putt from the fringe, I don't know what you classify that, a one putt, chip-in, double-bogey on a par 3. It's one that I was obviously very happy to see go in.

Q. Do you know what's happening before--

MARTIN LAIRD: I knew it was struggling. I caught it a couple of grooves low and it just wasn't really going through the wind like I wanted it to and then you heard someone from over there in the left in the stands, in the crowd shouting, "Get up" so then you know you're in trouble, because they have the perfect view.

Then when you go to the drop zone, it's still a tough shot. You've got 90 yards, from a pin that's three yards from going in the water. I was just trying to hit that middle of the green and didn't get it up far enough. So that's the hole; everyone knows what to expect.

Q. What kind of shot do you play from the shot zone??

MARTIN LAIRD: I think I had 93 pin and 81 to the top of the ridge, and I was just trying to -- I put a lob-wedge back in my stance and hit a lower one, trying to fly it 83, 84 yards. And if it tops, it's fine; and if it skips four yards, it's good.

As I say, didn't catch it great, and it just came up about five, six yards short in the slope.

Q. Sorry to ask, but I didn't see 18.

MARTIN LAIRD: Hit a great drive down the fairway and hit an 8-iron, and it's such a tough pin with the wind off the right and everybody knows if you get it shrinking too much, there's a chance it's going in the water. They changed the green but there's still a chance it's going in the water. I started it where it wanted, and the wind just didn't move and it came up in that rough just right of the green. From up there, it's a tough chip. You can chip that one in the water if you're not careful.