What they said: Jonathan Byrd

May 11, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about your round and seeing Zach and Harris and some of the other guys that you're neighbors with??

JONATHAN BYRD: Yeah, I played with Harris on Tuesday, and he pretty much spanked me up-and-down the golf course Tuesday. So I knew he was probably going to play well this week, because his game was really sharp. Zach, I don't see why he doesn't play well every week; he's so solid.

But it's good to see the names on the board. I love seeing Zach's name up there, a little extra competition, and you know, always like seeing my friends do well.

Q. Talk about your round, what was going well for you.

JONATHAN BYRD: Well, I just stayed within myself I think today. We obviously had not a whole lot of wind starting out. Especially about the first 12 holes. And I really played solid. I think I was 4-under through the second hole and I was hitting the ball nicely, and then coming in, I didn't do real well coming in. I kind of played a little careful coming in trying to just get it in the house, and usually when I do, that I make some mistakes.

But, you know, it was a good round. Anything under par on this golf course I think is good.

Q. Traditionally you have not done all that great here. What's been the key so far through these first two rounds, putting yourself in contention??

JONATHAN BYRD: Well, the last three years, I've played fairly well here. I think I finished in the top 35 the last three years, and I was in contention coming down the stretch three years ago on Sunday.

So I don't think of it that way. I feel like I play this golf course well. I think it suits my game, and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Did you get some momentum last week??

JONATHAN BYRD: Yeah, I had three weeks off. We had a baby right before the Masters, and I had a solid week at the Masters. Then last week, didn't know exactly how I was going to come out, and had a really good week, I felt like. Lost by five with shooting even par on Saturday. So it was a really good week.

Of course, that's definitely some momentum coming in here.

Q. Three weeks enough time to bond with the baby??


Q. What do you expect from the guys going out now??

JONATHAN BYRD: They are going to have a tougher golf course than we had yesterday afternoon, for sure, because we had the rain Wednesday, and it's starting to get kind of crusty out there, and if the wind keeps up like this, it's going to get kind of tasty out there.

So when it gets firm like this and you start missing fairways, it's a really hard golf course. So somebody shoots a low one this afternoon, it's going to be a great score.