What they said: Lee Westwood

May 10, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Sum up your round.

LEE WESTWOOD: It was a bit tricky out there. The wind felt like it was switching a little bit. It was tough to club.

The most disappointing thing about the day was only shooting 1-under having made seven birdies. Played really nicely. Birdied all the par 5s which you need to do around this golf course. Hit the ball well.

Semi-sort of pleased with the day, really. Just a few too many mistakes. If I can eradicate those, then I should have a chance over the weekend.

Q. Getting back into the groove at this place, does it take an adjustment to get back into it from a competition standpoint, or do you just hop back into it??

LEE WESTWOOD: This golf course?

Q. Yes.

LEE WESTWOOD: No, I have played it that often, and it's a golf course that's always suited my eye and I feel like it suits my game. So I have a game plan for it and I get back into it pretty much straightaway.

Q. What was your comfort level, contending here -- if you can put it in terms of how it fits with other courses.

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I'm pretty comfortable around this golf course. I feel like I've got all the shots. The finish is tough. There's a lot of water on the last few holes. If anybody tells you they are comfortable on 17 and 18, they are lying. But I feel like I've got the shots for it.

Q. Do you leave happier about the seven birdies, or more upset only getting 71 out of it??

LEE WESTWOOD: I'm a glass-half-full person, so I'll be happy about the seven birdies.

Q. How about 17, obviously you guys have talked about it as a hole; do you like the position of where it is on the golf course or do you prefer it to be somewhere else??

LEE WESTWOOD: It's a little bit severe. I think it would be a great hole as a 6th, 7th, 8th.

Having said that, if you take it as it is, everybody's got to play it no matter what stage of the golf course it comes at. Just sometimes, it seems a bit sort of, you know, on the green, or history.

Q. Can you compare this event being the marquis event of the PGA TOUR to Wentworth, the marquis event of The European Tour; how do you feel about both??

LEE WESTWOOD: Both are great tournaments. Obviously being a European, I holed the BMW PGA in high regard.

But after the four major championships, I would put the World Golf Championships, this and the BMW PGA just in another category just below that.

Q. Can you compare the 18th here and Wentworth??

LEE WESTWOOD: The 18th at Wentworth is a par 5 but you're hoping to make four. Both have got water on them. You need to hit good quality shots on both of them. As you do around the whole golf course. They are both very good tests. Wentworth since Ernie's re-designed it, it's a lot tougher.

Q. Did it make you feel like you should have won, or one that you should win at some point in this year; does it suit you that well??

LEE WESTWOOD: I feel like I should play well here. I don't think there's ever any a tournament that you think you should have won. You pretty much get what you deserve when it comes to winning golf tournaments. You know, you get yourself into contention, and then you finish it off. If you're good enough, do you; and if you don't, then you don't win.